it all started at our home

made with love 

it all started when me & my sis wanted to provide natural body care products for daily routine for our kids. and then it all started with honest intent to share our awareness of the benefits of going back to our traditional skin care routine. it's not just love for people.. it's our love for nature.. it's love for each ingredient that we touch. it's love for what nature does to make us healthy & happy


skin has meaningful purposes. healthy skin is critical healthy body. skin needs to breathe. But... we have been clogging the skin pores in the name of daily skin care routine with as much toxins as possible. it's time to be mindful in what we choose. it's time to love & respect our body. it's time to take #nosoapchallenge & go #allnatural. the first lifestyle change for a healthy you. #nosoapchallenge - can you?

natural ingredients

 every ingredient is natural. some organically grown.. and some wildly grown. every flower, root, bark, leaves, nuts, and seeds used are sourced from the region where it’s grown. from himalayan region to kanyakumari. most of the ingredients are sourced from the growers directly and the wildly grown from tribals. no intermediaries. every ingredient is hand cleaned & processed in the traditional method


yes.. it's touched by hands. touched to clean, process, package - not just with hands but with hearts & prayers too. everything is done with chant of health & happiness mantras. every task involved is meditation for us. why chant? sound has vibration. And it heals. the right intendend touch creates lasting relationship. with our healing hand touch & vibration of chants.. we do our best for the bond between you & us