kesa samrddhi 50 ml - hair regrowth oil

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kayashastra kesa samrddhi is the hair regrowth oil. this is purely a scalp treatment oil. this scalp oil is nothing less than a miracle to help reverse premature baldness, hair growth in bald patches, hair thinning.

this is a 100% natural oil. the ingredients in this oil are  jatamanshi, poolankizhangu, devadaru, sempooran pattai, sevviyam, sirunaagapoo. the method of making this oil is what makes this so potent. the best of best herbs are sourced, taken ultimate care to clean to use in this oil. out of 100kgs only 15-20 kgs of the herbs are chosen to make this oil. it is done in the traditional method of handpounding the ingredients to extract the juices herbs to process with the base oil. Base oil is extremely special too - it is the coconut oil made from coconut milk & cold pressed organic sesame oil each of these herbs are infused in multiple stages through both cold & hot infusion.

this oil is purely a scalp treatment. this oil has been tested on friends with problems like premature balding, acute hair thinning, bald patches & has shown immense improvement. the fragrance is from the natural ingredients - no extra fragrance oil added.

how to use kesa samrddhi - hair regrowth oil?

if you are looking for a quicker results or even a difference in your problem areas like premature baldness, bald patches or hair thinning, please use this everyday for atleast 30 days. using this oil on scalp is sufficient. spray the oil as required on the areas of patches or thinning areas and all over the scalp.

massaging is very important to see good results. after the oil is sprayed on the scalp.. massage the area with your finger tips for atleast 8-10 minutes. this massage has to in a way that the cells in those problem areas are activated & rejuvenated. the oil does the rest. it penetrates into the scalp & helps regrow the lost hair.

bring back your glory without any chemical or any ununderstandable techniques. be regular in applying this oil & massage well. there will be a good difference if you follow this. + trust that you can regain your hair with safe & natural methods. have patience. trust in nature & your body. while using this oil please be #mindful & visualise healthy strong hair. while you take care externally with oil, ensure to eat fruits & vegetables that help in hair growth and avoid harsh shampoos & chemical treatments.

you can leave the hair oiled as much time as you want. but for best benefits leave it atleast for 1 hour. for quicker results use this oil everyday with a good soft pinch technique massage.

if you don't prefer oiled hair, the best practice is to oil & massage in the late evening, leave it overnight & wash it off with kesa shuddhi

Yes.. you can get hair back in life.


My skin is oily. Can I use sahasra?

Yes. But optimize the quantity. Just a very tiny bit is sufficient. But with #nosoapchallenge & good skin care, your skin will soon become healthy & balanced.

Is sahasra sticky & oily?

You will need only a tiny dab. So, that will not be sticky or oily. It spreads so well & easily gets absorbed.

Can I use sahasra for my baby?

Yes, sahasra can be used even for infants & babies. And can be used for any age and by men & women

Will sahasra cure eczema, psoriasis kind of skin issues?

Many private researches have proven that shata dhautha ghritha can literally heal a lot skin problem & even heal burns. With regular use, there’ll be a good improvement in such skin conditions to become healthy & balanced

I have dry skin. How will this help?

This is so perfect for dry skin. It keeps the skin nourished & moisture. Shrinks pores & nourishes deeply

I have normal skin? Do I need sahasra?

yes, it’ll help you glow & keep your skin tight. Helps in maintaining youthful bright skin

How many times can  I use sahasra?

You can use any number of times. It’s so gentle & cannot cause any troubles. Use as per your need.

What are the mantras chanted during preparation?

While there are specific mantras, here at kalyashastra, all thru the process, we alternatively chant & listen to – gayatri mantras, Lalitha sahasranama, kanakadhara stotra, Soundarya lahari, shiva panchakshari

Why is copper used in the process?

Traditional formulation has prescribed only copper plates, bowls & pots. Copper can act as a catalyst to promote fat splitting. But modern researches are proving that copper content in shata dhauta ghritha helps in removal of scars & also works as anti-inflammation property

how should i store this?

refrigeration helps to increase the shelf life. this is ghee washed 100 times with water in copper vessels. hence, the fragrance might change in time.. hence refrigeration helps keep the fragrance intact.

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