mrja - multi-purpose liquid cleanser

Rs. 395

mrja – multi-purpose liquid cleanser made from soapnut, shikekai & methi extracts. this can be used as hand wash, bodywash or hairwash. the formulation cleanses deep but lathers gently. this can remove hard stains & tough oil grime & greasiness also. there’s nothing synthetic in this formulation & is super safe for us & environment.

mrja formulation is such that it is suitable for our skin & hair. formulated with only natural ingredients & hence perfect to go #allnatural even when you are not able to go with powder cleansers. mrja can wow you with its deep cleansing abilities

soapnuts are basically hypoallergenic and are naturally antibacterial and antifungal. take advantage of mrja – the liquid cleanser in all ways to keep you away from synthetics.

 key ingredients: loads of good vibes, care, affection & prayers + soap nut extract, shikekai extract, fenugreek extract, distilled water, lime water, beet sugar, essential oils of lemon grass, lemon, cinnamon & clove with food grade preservatives

benefits: with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties, mrja can help you be safe. it also helps environment. just like our powder cleanser, the water after hand wash or bath can be directly let out to the garden. it’ll be very very safe & can actually be good to soil too.

usage: wet your hands, body or hair and scalp with clean, running water (warm or cold)  and apply this liquid. massage gently. this liquid will lather gently. for hard stain or tough grime, use wash-cloths or cotton pads. avoid using this on face. we strongly recommend only gentle powder cleansers like gaura, anantam, sukshma for face cleansing

soapnuts & shikekai in the formulation might cause a bit of dryness, hence use a bit of coconut oil after wash to keep your skin moistured. be #mindful #conscious

suits all skin types. however, sensitive skin types needs to definitely test patch

in general, test patch before use. store in cool and dry place.

caution: avoid getting mrja in eyes. since soapnut & shikekai are also irritants, this will be hard on eyes. so, be careful. but, if the liquid gets into eyes, it might irriate, turn red, don’t panic, splash cold water well & wash eye. gradually in sometime the redness & irritation will go away.

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