carved - royal shisham wooden combs

Rs. 685
comb models:

royal luxurious, hand carved combs made from shisham wood.

bring back royal luxury while taking care of your hair. yes, you really deserve it. such beautiful hand made combs – carved intricately, these are something that’ll definitely transport you to the world of fascinating beauty.

the longer ones with handle are worth even framing them to showcase their workmanship. the smaller cuter ones are something that you will get addicted to.

detangle your hair in style. style your hair with royal touch

the price mentioned is for each comb. every comb is checked thoroughly multiple times for any damages before packing. though we avoid fancy packaging for all our products, we shall ensure to send you the combs safely packed to stay in perfect condition even in transit.

usage: shisham wood is strong for regular daily use. however, pl use it carefully and avoid dropping the combs since the carvings will get damaged.

cleaning & maintenance:

these carved beautiful wood combs also need a wash once in a while. cleaning them weekly is a good practice. whenever you decide to clean your wood combs.. use few drops of coconut oil on the comb, let it sit for few minutes. and use a brush to clean the in-between the teeth & then use a damp cloth to wipe clean

do not soak the comb in water to clean as it will weaken the comb, avoid using hot air blow drying as this might make the wood comb brittle. avoid dropping the combs as it might weaken or break the combs tooth and designs.

  • titli – small comb – 3 inch / 7.5 cms
  • half-moon – small comb – 4 inch / 10 cms
  • tiara – small comb – 3 inch / 7.5 cms
  • ashta – medium comb - 4.5 inch / 12 cms
  • shasha – medium comb – 5.5 inch / 13 cms
  • kamaladhala - big single side with handle – 10 inch / 25.5 cms
  • parijata - big single side with handle – 10 inch / 25.5 cms
  • ratha - big single side with handle – 10 inch / 25.5 cms
  • chakra – big double side with handle – 10 inch / 25.5 cms
  • dhvaja – big double side with handle – 10 inch / 25.5 cms

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