single herb specialty oils

Rs. 85
Single Herb Oils:

cold pressed or infused in sesame oil - these single herb specialty oils bring you the goodness of each herb in more concentrated form.


we have made these purest single herb oils with a specific purpose. these single herb oils are either infused in sesame oil or pure extracts from those seeds/herbs. why did we choose to infuse in sesame oil? sesame oil is the bestest plant based oil and the reason is discussed in depth in ayurveda & sidha medicine systems.

while there are formulations of these available.. we chose to get you the best single herbs to experience the goodness of each herb & seed that will bring you the utmost benefits for your body.. most of these oils can be used your skin, nails, hair and scalp.

when we can have all variety of abundant goodness derived from each herbs.. why do we need anything else? if we can include these oils in our daily body care routine.. we wouldn't have the need for anything cosmetic. and hence our humble effort to bring you the best oils

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