no sticker bindi challenge - a marketing hype or is there any real sense in this?

i keep mentioning about not using plastic sticker bindi on our forehead & have been persistently asking you to take #nostickerbindi challenge & start using our energized kumkuma. right?

why? what so special about this pineal gland? if you are in mood to read a long one and something that might sound like fiction, welcome to the crazy gang

sharing few things that i have learnt. while you read, pl understand these are my learning & understanding. get triggered from this piece of my writing & start your own research too & share with more friends & family. let’s not simply share. but learn more from right sources & then share.

near the centre of our brain, we can find a tiny pine shaped gland, which is a very magical part of our physical body. this is the pineal gland. this pineal gland produces serotonin & melatonin – which regulates the waking & sleeping cycle. it also has huge role in our moods. so, now you know who to blame for your moods.

it is also said pineal gland produces dmt – a neurotransmitter that creates a natural psychedelic state of consciousness.

okay, now what is psychedelic? 

usually in normal world, it relates to the drugs like lsd that produce hallucinations and kind of consciousness expansion. now if researchers & yogis mention that our pineal gland can produce natural psychedelic, it’s super interesting right? hang on.. let’s understand the basic -

pineal gland is super responsible for our psychological well-being.

this pineal gland has a liquid that has crystals which has piezo electric properties. now, what is piezo electric property? it can generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress.

wait.. this also has piezoluminescence property – what is this? piezoluminescence is a emission of light created by pressure upon mechanical stress

omg.. are you also wondering what all do we have inside our body.. this is fantabulous right. let’s continue

wait.. it’s not just piezo electric and piezo luminescence, it also has piezo chromism. what is this now? it can release any color of light from vibgyor, yes the rainbow.

hey, when we see any images of deities or gurus, there’ll be an aura painted around their head. now you know it’s not just imaginary.. piezeochromism emits that colors from inside. and these evolved beings literally would have had these colors emitting around their head

this pineal gland is celebrated & realized in all religions & belief systems. in hinduism, it’s called third eye that is the seat of intuition & clairvoyance.

now, we need to connect with our knowledge on the 7 chakras in our body. and we know that every chakra connects to an organ in our body. and amazingly, the 6th chakra – ajna chakra connects to pineal gland. and it's ajna chakra where we are supposed to keep a bindi. are you seeing the connect? 

see, the pineal glad is lined with a tissue called pinealocytes. these are literally like the rods & cones of our eyes.

now, what is rods & cones in our eyes.. we would have studies in our books in primary school. it’s okay to forget. let’s learn again with a purpose.

 in our eyes, there are two types of photoreceptors in the human retina, rods and conesrods are responsible for vision at low light levels. cones are active at higher light levels. rods are capable of color vision and for high spatial acuity.

so, connecting it back to pineal gland – the pinealocytes is the tissue that lines pineal gland, which works like rods & cones.

now tell me if our indian system hasn’t made you amazed by calling the pineal gland our third eye. so, we have an eye inside & that works like an eye. fascinating. isn’t it?

the point is the pineal gland that’s connected to our ajna chakra which is an area in our forehead – between the eyebrows, which is identified as a place to keep it covered with a bindi that’s made of pure auspicious natural materials like kumkuma, haldi, chandan or vibhuti.

we are realizing right that none of our indian practices are silly. we have been silly not to have questioned or learnt the reasons. pineal gland has the potential to connect us with higher consciousness and dimensions.

here's another twist - do you know the connection between your toothpaste & pineal gland?

the flourides in the toothpaste & water which we are forced by the medical fraternity to be used everyday can impact the functionalities of the endocrine systems.

this means the fluoride in your toothpaste or water will not allow your pineal gland to work efficiently. shocking. right?

fluoride when injected everyday will completely – slow & steady – it’ll definitely disable your potential to connect with higher dimension

hmm.. lot to learn & understand right? now, how do we help us? natural light. yes, natural light in the morning is a potential everyday for us to explore our higher dimensions.

how? the light hits the eye. it then hits the pineal gland. it then changes chemicals inside the brain. it produces serotonin and serotonin makes you happy. really happy. truly happy.

so, let’s make all tiny efforts to keep our third eye open. let’s understand the ajna chakra that’s connected with the pineal gland. let’s not have little stickers, plastics or synthetics, instead use pure kumkuma bindis that can attract & retain the good light which can produce more serotonin inside us. let’s avoid flourides that is slowly disabling the gland functions.

now that you know pineal gland is also the core connect for our aura and the color of it, let’s quickly look at that. we think our aura energy is something that we don’t understand or control. that’s not true. we can & need to maintain our aura in an energy level that we want to maintain at.

and that’s one major reason i launched snana lavanam & paadha lavanam - bath salts & foot soak salts. these salts are like maintenance of your aura. and yes, the good side effect of these salts are clean & healthy physical body. with the regular usage of these salts, you will be able to keep your aura clean & can attract all the positivity & protection.

avoiding toxins, getting enough sunlight, keeping body fit, practicing mindfulness – these can help us evolve to our real self. these practices will help us activate the pineal gland to its full potential.

if you are still here with me reading this piece of writing, i understand that you are like many of us who are serious about exploring our real human potential. you have a seeking to understand beyond the simple physical benefits of not using sticker bindi or the advantages of using toothpowder. thank you & so proud of you

i have not put a sticker on my forehead - ajna chakra in the last 2 years. it wasn't easy to shift. but possible. if i can, you can definitely can. where there's right  understanding, there'll be will. where there's will, there's way. let’s take baby steps, gather physical health & explore more

wishing you always health & happiness in abundance

krithika prasad

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