we haven't loaded this butter much with too many ingredients to ensure that you get the benefits of pollen as much as possible. you can feel the bee pollen particles when you apply it on your skin. avacado in the formulation is such a phenomenal ingredient that blends so well with bee pollen. it was like magic made in heaven.

use this regularly. just a little. but, like everything consistency shows results. you can see pores getting smaller. skin getting toned, the shine in your selfies are added bonus. enjoy. 

ingredients: bee pollen, almond oil, avocado butter and oil  shea butter with fresh lavender essential oil

usage: scoop out a pea sized cream, apply it on skin & gently massage, leave for few minutes & wash it off. adjust qty if prefer to leave on

store it in cool.& dry place. Contains bee pollen infusion. Test patch mandatory before regular use. Suits all adults. avoid during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

best before 1 year. check mfd in the package