hi friends, thanks for keenness to know the story behind bhramari. you know that it is made of bee pollen granules. you can feel them when you use it. 

the interesting story is that when i made mahat, the bee pollen face oil,  it was such silky infusion of bee pollen. it was super awesome. however, i was so greedy that i wanted you all to experience the bee pollen itself directly on your skin & enjoy its super efficiency in helping your skin glow with health. 

the formulator in me had enough challenges to bring this to stability without using any preservatives. trust me, in those weeks & months, bee pollen, avacado will fly in large size in my dreams. i used to wake up and note down few things, try it the next day.. there are days, i woke up, brushed & bathed quickly & put on my apron to explore some more methods - some that had popped in my dreams.

but one day, i was really happy with the texture, stability & the effectiveness. and then the search for the name starts. there are still many products that's ready but have not launched because they didn't find their names. 

bhramari means goddess of bees. the goddess is typically depicted as emanating bees and hornets from her four hands. you should google about this if you are interested.  there's more story for every product than i could write here in this page. but sharing atleast some of the interesting stuff behind the product