#haircare big box combo

Rs. 2,435

#hair care big box combo

this box has 7 products - everything that you need for your haircare routine. #allnatural. yes, perfect to keep all the products handy & experience the healthy journey of #allnatural lifestyle with #noshampoochallenge.

this pack has everything we have in hair care range. and all that you need for #noshampoochallenge 

  • kesa prabala - 50 ml - regular hair strengthening oil
  • kesa samriddhi¬† - 50 ml - very effective hair regrowth oil
  • kesa shuddhi¬†- 50 gms - lathering hair wash powder
  • kesa anugrah¬†- 50 gms - traditional hair wash powder
  • kesa vivikta¬†- 50 gms - itch / dandruff relieving hair pack
  • kesa pramati - 50 ml - hair nourishing & strengthening hair pack
  • kesa mrdu - 50 gms - hair softening cream - controlls frizz & keeps hair in place
  • ¬†

    oiling our hair regularly, washing hair with shikekai & soapnuts.. we all knew this was the right thing for hair & scalp. but.. we went far from these for our convenienceses. it's okay.. let's find our roots again.

    with this big box hair care products, you have everything that's natural, traditionaldeep inside, you & me know that #allnatural haircare is what is good for us. somehow conveniences made us compromise. let' take the effort to relearn & reskill ourselves with these natural products.

    use kesa prabala for your regular hair care. use kesa samrddhi to treat hair thinning or bald spots, kesa pramati hair packa has all that you need for maintaining your hair strength & kesa vivikta to clean scalp & get rid of dandruff. kesa shuddhi for a quick lathering hair wash and when you want to go 100% traditional it's kesa anugrah for hair wash. kesa mrdu keeps hair cream helps you keep you hair in place & controls frizz

    hair & scalp health will be at its best with these #allnatural products

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