#noshampoochallenge starter pack

Rs. 955

#noshampoochallenge pack

yes, this is good start to explore the journey of #allnatural lifestyle with #noshampoochallenge.

this pack is the quick choice & the best if you want to experience all the basics that you need for #noshampoochallenge - first oil, then 2 type of cleansers, and the hair pack. good to start - right?


  • kesa prabala - 50 ml
  • kesa shuddhi¬†- 50 gms
  • kesa anugrah¬†- 50 gms
  • kesa vivikta¬†- 50 gms
  • ¬†

    deep inside, you & me know that #allnatural haircare is what is good for us. somehow conveniences made us compromise. let' take the effort to relearn & reskill ourselves with these natural products.

    let's oil our hair regularly with kesa prabala - the nicest ingredients in it

    next, let's wash hair with kesa shuddhi. the best thing is this lathers and will give you transition time to the traditional formulation of kesa anugrah. in good old days, kesa anugrah was the traditional home formulation used to remove the heavily oiled scalp & hair. 

    and atleast once a week, kesa vivikta mixed with curd as hair pack - will be the best to keep your scalp fresh, clean & itch-dandruff free.

    if you are new to traditional hair care routine, to start with use the kesa anugrah on days when your hair is oiled lightly. this will slowly reskill you the techniques. kesa shuddhi is fairly simple to transition from nasty shampoos. 

    keep us posted on your experiences. 

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    Prerna Shetty

    #noshampoochallenge starter pack

    Rushikesh Chandarana

    #noshampoochallenge starter pack

    Nikita Singh

    This is my first purchase...cant wait to use the products...hoping for positive results

    prasanna laxmi

    #noshampoochallenge starter pack

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