#notoothpastechallenge big box combo

Rs. 1,375


oral care - first & last routine we do in a day. and we know that oral care is the utmost importance for our overall health. so, it should be #allnatural & your daily routine needs to be like a recurring investment.

this big box has all our 6 products to take care of your oral health. 

let's take #notoothpastechallenge real serious & get benefit of it to have very healthy oral health & inturn overall wellbeing

this big box has

  • danta druda - astringent taste
  • danta druda - salt n ash taste
  • sesame oil for regular oil pulling
  • danta vrshni for deep toxin removal - oil pulling oil
  • tooth brush - set of 2
  • copper tongue cleaner

oil pulling is nothing new to india. we knew how this simple daiy routine is so good for overall well-being. while you can use the toothbrush ro clear the tiny debris but finger brushing & gum massaging with fingers are also must. and tongue cleaning is equally important & the copper helps bring good energy to it.

explore the #allnatural oral care routine. it's definitely worth it

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