oral care pack

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oral care pack

it's good to have healthy teeth forever. isn't it? it's important to understand the need for good safe oral care habits. digestion starts from proper chewing & for this we need healthy strong pearlies.

this pack is suitable for kids, men & women. perfect as gifting option too for your loved ones

#allnatural handmade products energized with chants of health & happiness mantras. we call these mindful natural products. this oral care packs

  • danta druda tooth powder - astringent taste - 25 gms
  • danta druda tooth powder - salt n ash - 25 gms
  • copper tongue cleaner - 1 pc
  • sesame oil for oil pulling - 100 ml

astringent taste tooth powder helps in strengthening the gums. salt n ash tooth powder helps in removing stains & making it cleaner. use these alternatively. morning & night or alternative days.

use the copper tongue cleaner every day to help the taste buds energized

every day oil pulling is considered an investment for long term oral health

how to do oil pulling? - put 2 teaspoons of sesame oil in your mouth. keep swishing for 10-15 minutes. while you are swising you can do other work.. it's not that you have stand in front of the sink. the oil will become very watery texture.pl ensure not to swallow the swishing oil. it would have toxins from your mouth. after 10-15 minutes.. you can spit & rinse your mouth well. start with at least 5 minutes of swishing. 

using tooth powders - danta druda

Using danta druda is similar to brushing teeth with any other toothpaste. you can either do finger brushing or use tooth brush. we strongly recommend to finger brush atleast in the night to be more mindful & take time to connect with our teeth, gums, lips & tongue. our mouth is a very important part of our body that helps in tasting & digestion. so. be #mindful while you brish.

with brush- take a little of tooth powder in your palm..Simply wet your toothbrush and dip it into the powder. Thoroughly clean your teeth. Brush for at least 2 minutes. Then, rinse your toothbrush and mouth with cool water.

#fingerbrushing - take a little of tooth powder in your palm. wet your finger & dip it in the powder. thoroughly clean your teeth. Massage your gums well.

after brushing.. rinse well with water.

To use danta druda as mouth freshener - you can put a little powder in your mouth & swish it well & spit. rinse your mouth well with water.

so, this is perfect pack with all the products you need for your oral care.

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