varna jal - only 7 face packs - fun nutritious packs

Rs. 2,385

varna jal - this is set of 7 face packs. made with interesting edible fruit, veg powders & fantastic clays. every pack is carefully formulated for nourishing, protecting, repairing, strengthening you facial skin

varna jal - white : tight skin, smooth & young. Qty: 30 gms

ingredients: edible spray dried curd and potato powder with kaolin clay

varna jal - pink : this cute pink face pack with strawberry will leave you glowing, dewy and irresitable to touch. Qty: 30 gms

ingredients: edible spray dried strawberry and pomegranate powder with calamine clay

varna jal - red : this deep reddish maroon pack has beetroot that'll make you vibrant and bright. Qty: 30 gms

ingredients: edible spray dried beetroot and tomato powder with rhassoul clay 

varna jal - yellow : this gentle yellow pack with orange has all things that'll make your skin luscious & supple.Qty: 30 gms

ingredients: edible spray dried orange and banana powder with bentonite clay 

varna jaal - green : this fresh green pack with mint rejuvenates your skin. so fresh. Qty: 30 gms

ingredients: edible spray dried mint and potato powder with marine clay 

varna jaal - brown : this chocolaty brown face pack has cocoa that gives you velvety skin feel. Qty: 30 gms

ingredients: edible spray dried curd, potato powder, cocoa with multani mitti, red clay

varna jaal - grey : this stuning black activated charcal face pack sucks out any impurities hiding in your pores. Qty: 25 gms

ingredients: rice husk ash, salt, cinnamon, cloves and bentonite clay 

usage: take a tiny spoon of any of the facepack powder, mix it with few drops or our face pack oil and our face pack oil and add clean water for required consistency to apply a layer all over clean moist face. wait for 15-20 minutes or till the face pack is dried. gently wash/wipe off the pack.

suits adults - both gender

store in cool and dry place. close jar tight after use to avoid lumpiness of the powder. avoid wet spoons / moisture

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