combing hair. is there science behind it?

combing hair: a simple daily routine. isn’t it? are we doing this only for hair styles and look tidy? does it have any other significance? definitely. 

combing is good for health. it helps to keep you energized. the first advantage is that combing keeps the head & hair free of dirt. combing many times a day really helps. how? have you observed when you gently stroke the head of your pets or children they become mesmerized or relaxed? it’s because that stroking generates electrical charges. so, by combing many times, you draw more energy to your head. now you know what to tell your spouse or friends when they are bothered when you comb your hair multiple times a day.

We all know it is good to avoid plastic combs. the reasons are all over the internet. The material that touches your scalp does make difference

Wood combs are good for eyesight and helps strengthen the roots. 

gold combs are good for brain & silver combs are good for heart. 

practically, let’s use clean wood combs & avoid plastics. the static energy created by plastic combs make hair & their roots weaker. 

Oh yes, once in a while, if your hair is combed by younger children, it is super is just not psychological it has science too. it helps us keep emotionally balanced & can make our hair stronger.  i pester my kids to style my hair once in a while. yes. i do. i believe most of us do. 

now, this next point might cause a debate. Almost all of us run our fingers through our hair. Ideally, traditionally, culturally we aren’t supposed to do this. Reasons: 1. it’s not hygienic. 2. Raises sexual energies & stimulates fantasies by increasing the functions of pituatary glands since our fingers are our energy points. So, if there’s no comb around, pat the hair, avoid running your fingers thru it. Share your view in the comments

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