bulk gifts & purchases

#allnatural is like that. you will want to share the goodness to all around you. so, thank you for initiating to spread the goodness in large numbers. let’s make our friends, loved ones & teams take #nosoapchallenge, #noshampoochallenge & #notoothpastechallenge

so, if you are in the process of thinking to gift kalyashastra products as gifts in your small or big events or just for no reason, trust us… we will jump big & support.

as of now, we have done bulk gifting for get togethers, birthdays, anniversaries, all religious festivals, oh.. yes, few corporates have been so mindful to gift their employees #allnatural kalyashastra products.  the feedback is so awesome that we are now ready to take up more such opportunities to help more people get into #allnatural lifestyle for their daily body care routine.

we can send the gifts to each one of your loved ones directly with your message in it or send one bigg package to single address with individual package ready to distribute.

we are not going to turn any stone unturned to spread the loveliness of #allnatural lifestyle. so, pl help us by gifting your loved ones that can help them take #nosoapchallenge, #noshampoochallenge & #notoothpastechallenge. so drop us a message & we’ll make the gifting more meaningful & mindful

please email connect@kalyashastra.com or whatsapp us on +91 9148686102. let's get the green gifting mindful & mindblowing

share with us about your  event and budget, we’ll suggest products, packaging customisations according to your input.

prices for bulk gifts & purchases - when you are taking such big step to spread goodness, we are here to support as much as we can. depending on the qty, we can structure the pricing of the gifts.

payment & delivery details - after our discussions on the products, we shall start work & process after the total order value is paid.

while we can let our nature genie & get things done overnight, we would suggest you give us atleast 5 working days to process & prepare. you know – right? we are still tiniest team & products are hand made. and add few days depending on the location to reach you.

and if there are packaging customisations, we will need longer prep time.

exchanges, returns & refunds - no refunds or returns on bulk gifts & purchases after you have confirmed the products, process, packaging  & payment is completed.  to avoid these embarrassing situations, we shall ensure to ask you enough questions & get clarified before we start processing. that makes lives #mindful. right?

hmm.. oh yes, we can also pack each gifts in bamboo baskets, cane baskets, or the usual cardboard boxes. we can have cute inserts like paper cuts, mantra cards, affirmation cards and more.. we shall send you options that’s green & logistically feasible and that’s in your budget too.

whatever is your next event that you are organizing – let’s spread the goodness of #allnatural lifestyle with kalyashastra daily bodycare routines