garlic - the amazing one

garlic has always been in a special place when it comes to natural medicines. and it’s one of the staple spices of of all our sabzis. garlic rasam can be such a comfort and when you need to heal a cold or fever

garlic is a biennial herb of the onion family.

interesting thing is that garlic was a part of the monthly salary of the pyramid builders of ancient egypt. they even went on a strike when garlic was not provided to them and resumed work only after garlic was reinstated as a part of their salaries.

healing properties: in ayurveda, garlic has been used for treating cough, asthma, leprosy, arteriosclerosis, fever, worms and a lot of other disorders. i

in digestive disorders garlic is one of the most beneficial herbs for the digestive system. it stimulates the movement of intestines and aids in secretion of digestive juices.

it has an antiseptic effect and is an excellent remedy for infectious diseases and inflammations of the stomach and intestine.

garlic is also an excellent worm expeller.

In high blood pressure garlic is one of the most effective remedy for lowering blood pressure.

it also works like a charm in curing arrhythmia.

in arteriosclerosis when consumed regularly garlic prevents arteriosclerosis. 

in blood disorders garlic is the best natural rejuvenator. it removes toxins from the blood, revitalizes the body and stimulates circulation.

it is the only food ingredient known to man, which when consumed promotes and fertilizes essential intestinal flora while at the same time killing the harmful bacteria, truly a miracle herb.

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