how much do we know our feet?

how much do we know our feet?

our body is amazing technology - yes.. i have started with the same mantra i always keep writing. i am seriously in awe with our body. omg. whoever masterplanned it... must be a bigg head with biggggg brains. how could anyone think like this..

ok.. let's come to the point of feet. in general we know it is to bear our body weight & help us move.  a little anatomy here please. our each foot contains 26 bones & 33 joints. and a little more than a hundred of muscles, tendons & ligaments. hmm.. now look at your simple looking feet. it's not so simple. it is a strong, very complicated structure.  give it a hug & kiss for holding you. i mean it

by the way.. did you know? there are doctors specialized in the treatment of feet are called podiatrist. the study is called podiatry. so, with an air of attitude.. you can tell that you are reading a tiny bit of podiatry

you all know about the face map i always talk about. feet also has a map (really? yes. really) we can touch our inner energy, our organs - eyes, ear, heart, colon, lung, spleen,  lower back & all other organs just by touching our feet. woah.. is this the reason why we indians prefer to touch a person's feet to take blessings. grab it before they give it. ha ha.. let me dig deep on this & share with you more information

here is a foot reflexology chart for your reference. you can google about this later.

so.. caring for our feet is not just cosmetic purposes. it benefits the whole of our body. so. if you don't have so much time to massage your whole body.. atleast massage your scalp & feet everyday for few minutes before you sleep. i can now recall how my grand mother used to apply oil on my grandfather's head & also press his legs & feet everyday before he slept. if she wasn't around.. he used to apply a little oil and massage his head & feet everyday. oh.. so.. they didn't just mean a habit. it meant purpose. if your feet is healthy.. you will be healthy.

our feet doesn't just indicate our physical health.. they also hold our emotions. all types of emotions when suppressed, they crystalize in the soles and because we don't rest our feet they aggravate and in turn affect our health. In India, we worship the footprints of Gods & sacred souls. it's our Indian way to  create awareness how feet is important.

Let's take care of our feet. if they aren't healthy our movement will be curbed, our over health will be impacted.

now.. before i sign off, a little about our heels. heel bone ( Achilles tendon) is the largest & strongest bone.  the cracked heels can be due many many reasons. some are that when there's more water in the body and body doesn't need it.. it gets crystalized & reaches heel & tries to get out thru cracks the other reasons could be heavy heat in the body, improper footwear, crystalized emotions (as discussed earlier), little or no care for feet, overweight, cutting or damaging the edges of heels with metal scrapers, applying harsh chemicals to get rid of cracks ( remember ? even skin in the heel breathe) then feet exposed to extreme dust without proper cover and not moisturising or cleansing regularly. even tobacco & betel nut chewing can cause cracks in heels

so, we need to take care of our feet for many reasons that is beyond cosmetic reasons.

we now have parsni  available in our online store - a resinous butter that heals the cracks & makes the soles soft & supple. it is made of indian white dammer & ghee. the formulation is very resinous & sticky. making of this is very laborious. the butter is hand churned & needs long hours of churning to get the right consistency & cleaning the vessels after making this formulation is a night mare. this is a very traditional treatment that can quickly relieve us from heel pain & cracks. it can also be applied to keep the soles soft and supple.

our feet is not a small feat. let's love it, respect it & celebrate it. let's be mindful

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