how foot soak helps in energising the whole body ?

why is it important to have a regular foot soak routine ?


foot soak salts are a wonderful way to pamper your feet while promoting relaxation and health. one of the most obvious benefits of foot soak salts is that they can help to soothe sore and tired feet. they work by reducing inflammation and increasing circulation, which can relieve discomfort and pain. additionally, foot soak salts can help to improve the overall health of your feet by moisturizing and softening the skin, reducing the risk of cracking and infection.

foot soak salts can also provide aromatherapy benefits, as many varieties are infused with essential oils that can promote relaxation and reduce stress. furthermore, foot soak salts can help to detoxify the body by drawing out impurities through the skin, which can improve overall health and wellbeing. overall, using foot soak salts regularly can provide a spa-like experience and a range of health benefits for your feet. it's a great way to relax, reduce stress and tension, and improve the overall health of your feet.

how much lot of stress is taken by foot on everyday basis.. lets keep the foot more pampered & healthy. 

kalyashastra’s padha lavanam is loaded with rose , neem leaves ,green tea leaves, almond oil ,  luxury essential oils to bring out the best benefits for you


check this link to understand more abt how to use & benefits


spend 15-20 mins in the foot soak routine every week or twice a week.. you will feel the difference after this therapeutic regime.


wish you health and happiness in abundance 

team kalyashastra

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