haridra - turmeric ubtan - face & body cleanser

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haridra – powder cleanser loaded with turmeric – turmeric is known for its awesome benefits for skin. The formulaton is perfect for the prebridal care routine to brighten skin, remove dark patches in private areas, skin folds, unclogs pores. Works perfectly as a face & body pack + cleanser after oilng your skin with nalpamaradi face and body oil. This combination of uses may help skin clear up from acne breakouts, bacne ( boils & acne in the back)

 will trigger very auspicious memories while using haridra face & body pack-cleanser. Keeps skin glowing with regular use. When you need the forever bridal glow, this is the one to go. Regular turmeric loaded haridra gives skin a radiant quality. Haridra can be used in haldi ceremony which precedes our Indian marriages. Turmeric is used to help make the bride and groom’s skin glow. But who doesn’t need that bridal glow always.

 This can also be used as a last round of cleanser for babies that will keep the baby in positive aura & to keep the baby smelling fantastically auspicious.

key ingredients: loads of good vibes, care, affection & prayers + finger turmeric variety,bulby  turmeric, Kasturi manjal, canangabum, tulasi, Damask Rose, sampangi, screw pine, champa, neem, lemon and more.

 benefits: turmeric varieties, tulsi, neem has their own anti bacterial, anti-fungal properties with all other amazing skin health. turmeric is also effective in removing fine hairs, it may not be as efficient on dense or heavy hair.

 usage: take 1-2 spoons, mix with plain water. though not mandate, allow it to soak for 1-2 mins. Use this paste to apply on wet skin and gently massage in circular motion and if possible leave it for 1-5 mins & then wash it off with plain water. it’s perfectly ok even you can’t leave it for 1-5 mins. Use this everyday for face wash & bathing to see results.  Pl remember haridra can leave yellow stains on skin, cuticles & nails. Though, the stain fades away easily and in few hours, just be aware of this staining property. be #mindful #conscious.

Suits all skin types

Test patch before use. store in cool and dry place

store it in cool and dry place

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