kesa vivikta - dandruff treatment pack - 50 gms

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kesa vivikta - dandruff treatment pack - it's the traditional home made recipe done carefully to treat scalp itch & dandruff problems.

the methi, lemon, neem, aloevera and other carefully chosen natural ingredients treats dandruff in maximum of 4-5 application. mix with sour curd or lemon juice, soak it over night & apply it in on the scalp & leave it for 45mins to 1 hour. works so well to keep the scalp clean and removes the dandruff & gets rid of itchy scalp. with proper food intake & good internal health you can maintain a clean fresh scalp.

this is 50 gm pack - will be good for 4-5 times of pack application


ingredients & usage of kesa vivikta

kesa vivikta has - methi, lemon, neem, ginger, tulsi, aloevera, hibiscus, bhringraj and curryleaf.

for external use only. Take 1-2 spoons as required. Mix well using a fork with required amount of sour curd or lemon juice. Let it soak 3-4 hours or overnight. when it's time to apply, for ease add required water, lemon juice or curd. apply on scalp & leave the pack for about 1 hour & wash it off

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