drsh - under eye cream - ghee & turmeric - 15 gms

Rs. 585

drsh - under eye cream. hand made from ghee & turmeric

Reduces wrinkes & darkness around the eyes

ingredients: ghee, oils of aloe, cucumber, pomegrante, almond, turmeric and rose hydrosol

usage: you just need 1 teeny teeny bit for every use. this package will come for atleast 2 months when you use twice everyday.

always use your ring finger when applying eye products. why? so that the most gentle pressure is applied in that area while massaging. ok, now, scoop a teeny bit of drsh & apply gently under eye. 

pl avoid using too much of this product around the eyes. you will not need it.

this under eye cream is gentle but super effective in reducing fine lines, wrinkle, crow feet, darkness, dark circles.

like all our products, even this is an all-rounder. this can be used even on the nose area to remove the dark patches.. yes, it'll also help in fadiing pigmentation on the cheek areas. 

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Ritu Chugh
Just begun using

Just begun using the eye cream and roll on eyebrow growth serum. The fragrance of the eye cream is enough to tell you that this is made up of natural ingredients. The eye brow serum is very convenient to use and non sticky. Will report back on performance later.

Radha Ravali

Nice positive feel like ith loads of good vibes

Rhea Joe
Soothing and calming

I have been using this for almost three weeks now . Love the texture and smell of turmeric . You need a tiny amount and easily spreadable . I did notice a slight change in my under eye circles . It’s a lovely product . Just see that you don’t get it in your eye or it will sting .

Amazing Product

It reduced puffiness from first use,calms the eyes.

Sangeetha Devanathan

Love it . I apply it on my pigmented area and I can see some difference . It’s lovely

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