kajal - 100% natural traditional black eye kajal

Rs. 445

kajal - this dark stark black kajal completes our look. it adds to our beauty. elegantly defines eyes. but is it just cosmetic. not at all. 

like everything in our traditional lifestyle, every single daily routine task is to maintain our health. there's so much science to apply kajal. in babies, it's applied to the lower eyelid to open tear ducts. applying good kajal reduces burning and pain in the eyes. It creates a cooling effect to relax the eyes, it is so much part of preventive lifestyle

our kajal is made so carefully with guidance from experts from siddha & ayurveda doctors. it's so safely prepared to be suitable for babies too

benefits of using our kajal

  • beautiful defined eye
  • give freshness &  cooling effect to the eyes
  • nourishes tired, dry eyes
  • strengthens nerves and muscles of eye
  • anti- microbial, anti- biotic & anti inflammatory


  • coconut oil
  • castor oil
  • amla
  • licorice
  • beeswax

how to apply kajal: you can use our traditional way of using your finger tips to dip into the pot & apply on your eye. alternatively you can use a kajal brush or kajal stick or anything that's safe & comfortable when you apply.

the qty of kajal in this pot will be around 3 gms. the shelf life is 2 years. 

wishing you healthy & happy eyes with our kajal

Customer Reviews

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AsthA Srivastava

Its nice but smudges

Nalina Yogesh


menka nainwani

Smudge ,v soon

kanika Pandey

Overpriced..i was expecting atleast no plastic packaging.
no soothing affect felt.

Swathy Chandra Kumar

kajal - 100% natural traditional black eye kajal

Customer Reviews

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