neem wood combs

Rs. 265
comb models:

here are the beautiful medicinal therapeutic neem wood combs. when you receive the package don't forget to smell the neem. it's lovely

generally wood combs - are must have if you want your hair to remain stronger. it's not just the 'no-static' gently massages your scalp in the right way every time you comb, optimizes the scalp oiliness & boosts blood circulation. and now we have both sisham wood & neem combs. 

we have 3 models in neem combs - the price mentioned is for each comb

Sizes of each comb

neem comb - pocket size: length - 11cm,  thickness - 0.5cm, width - 4 cm

neem comb - wide tooth with handle :  length - 17cm,  thickness - 0.5cm, width - 4.5 cm

neem comb - narrow tooth with handle :  length - 17cm,  thickness - 0.5cm, width - 4.5 cm


how to clean wood combs

wood combs also need a wash every time you wash your hair. whenever you decide to clean your wood combs.. use few drops of coconut oil on the comb, let it sit for few minutes. and use a brush to clean the in-between the teeth & then use a damp cloth to wipe clean

do not soak the comb in water to clean this weakens the comb, avoid using hot air blow drying as this might make the wood comb brittle. avoid dropping the combs as it might weaken or break the combs tooth & joints. 

our wood combs are handmade & hence pls bear with kindness few natural flaws & imperfections

Customer Reviews

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Esaivani Manivannan

neem wood combs

Need wood combs are simply awesome

Great quality combs. Must have product

Nikita Vijay

The comb is very good and as for the tooth powder I'm using it and will tell you the results after 15 days

Ramani Muthukumar
Neem combs

Firstly, the smell of the combs were so refreshing! I noticed lesser hair fall while combing with it in the first couple uses. I'm loving it.

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