pure lavender water - 50 ml

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lavender water - lavender hydrosol

the calming hydrating water from pure premium quality lavenders.

use lavender water as toner, cleanser, body mist or to use it to mix with your face packs, body packs or hair packs

about lavender hydrosol:  our lavender hydrosol is so pure that will give you the real experience of skin toner

what’s a lavender hydrosol? hydro means water, sol means solution. do you know that lavender essential oil cannot be made without also producing a lavender hydrosol. yes, lavender hydrosol is pure and natural water that’s produced during the steam distillation of fresh lavenders.

the distillation process transforms fresh lavenders into water that contains the water-soluble therapeutic properties of the plant that are not even present in the essential oil.

enjoy this amazing lavender hydrosol that’s effective for cleansing, healing of skin and skin itchiness.

what does it help with? lavender hydrosol is antimicrobial and gentle astringent so it makes perfect natural skin toner for use after cleansing.

ingredient – only lavender

lavender flower is the very popular flower in aroma therapy. this flower is known to bring in calmness and wellness. it is the obvious choice to help reduce stress, anxiety, and even pain

benefits: lavender hydrosol is believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to heal minor burns and bug bites.

helps in treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. it helps in healing wounds and fungal infections

how to use: you can simply spray directly on face or wet a cotton cloth and use it on clean skin

usage: this can be used by all ages & genders

storage: keep it in cool & dry place. refrigerating the lavender hydrosol is awesome to keep it fresh & long shelf life. but don’t freeze it.

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Sowmya K
Pure Lavender water

It smell only lasts a few seconds, unlike rose water that stays for longer

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