danta druda salt n ash 25gms

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kaya shastra  danta druda salt-ash  -  salt is good. ash is good. these are combined with the other goodness dryginger, cinnamon, long pepper and more. perfectly balanced with salt & ash. ash is traditionally made from the rice husk. bringing back the traditional ash that's so perfect to clean our teeth & gums. Strengthens gums & takes care of complete oral health. A must try. why use flourides or any other chemicals first & the last thing in our day. Let's go #allnatural.

How to use the tooth powder - danta druda?

Using danta druda salt n ash  is similar to brushing teeth with any other toothpaste. you can either do finger brushing or use tooth brush. we strongly recommend to finger brush atleast in the night to be more mindful & take time to connect with our teeth, gums, lips & tongue. our mouth is a very important part of our body that helps in tasting & digestion. so. be #mindful while you brush

with brush - take a little of tooth powder in your palm..Simply wet your toothbrush and dip it into the powder. Thoroughly clean your teeth. Brush for at least 2 minutes. Then, rinse your toothbrush and mouth with cool water.

#fingerbrushing- take a little of tooth powder in your palm. wet your finger & dip it in the powder. thoroughly clean your teeth. Massage your gums well.

after brushing.. rinse well with water.

To use it as mouth freshener - you can put a little powder in your mouth & swish it well & spit. After a minute - rinse your mouth well with water.

danta druda - salt-ash will be good for around a month for a family of 4 even if used twice in a day brushing.

major Ingredients in Tooth powder:  rice husk ash, himalayan salt, dryginger, cinnamon, long pepper, amla,harada, behada,  babul barks, mint


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danta druda salt n ash 25gms

Nikita Vijay
It's good

It's good but as I have been using it for the past 6 days so currently, it didn't work on my sensitivity but yeah in the long term may be or may not be work will tell soon but yeah it will surely make your teeth more white and clean and it also tastes good and my mouth feels fresh after using it. Overall do shift from chemical toothpaste to this kind of natural paste because both will clean your teeth but chemical one will harm your teeth in the longer term. And as for the quantity, it's good.

Arunitha Kundu

danta druda salt n ash 25gms

Ajit Nayak

danta druda salt n ash 25gms

Gopal Koti

danta druda salt n ash 25gms

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