spashta - herb dust- is a spot treatment that helps to lighten the dark circles, dark spots, acne mark, burn marks & pigmentation marks on skin.

this herb dust is collected after multiple sieves of the apt herbs & is more a treatment. this is a very effective treatment & lightens the dark spots quickly if used every day. Pl keep ready organic honey or organic / home made rose water to mix with this dust to make a paste to apply on the spots. with organic honey or organic rose water the benefits will be faster & long standing.


ingredients: amla,harada, behada, licorice, chrysanthemums, banyan tree barks - ingredients list looks so simple, but the processing to get this herb dust makes this very effective in treating dark spots + a very special ingredient is added. yes.ย  energized with the chants of health & happiness mantras

Benefits: spashta is very gentle on skin but effective to help lighten the age old acne marks, dark spots, and clears out dis-colored pigment patches. use this everyday for alteast 15 days to see significant improvement in lightening the dark spots.

*usage*: for external use only. be mindful, conscious & aware while use.

take spashta - herb dust - only a pinch or as required. mix the dust carefully & slowly with a drop or as required amount of organic honey or organic rose water. this is not required to be used like entire face pack. just use it on the areas that needs to be lightened.

now on washed face, apply this paste on areas that have dark spots, acne marks, pigmentation or colored patches. leave this for atleast 25-30 minutes and wash it off with plain water. with rose water mix, the pack will feel more like a peel off. but pl do not peel off. wash it off gently with plain water. pl avoid using chemicals cleansers to wash your face.

store it in cool and dry place