tejo ghritha - a precious face oil with ghritha ( ghee ) infused with saffron as base and formulated with oil extracts of  almonds, tulsi, sweet basil, licorice, pomegranate, raspberry, ginger, turmeric nourishes your skin & keeps you radiant and beautiful. you can observe strands of saffron in the bottle keeping the infusion in the face oil live &  fresh

ingredients: ghee, saffron, essential pure oil extracts from sweet almonds, pomegranate, raspberry, coconut, tulsi, basil, licorice, ginger, turmeric, vettiver. with such precious natural ingredients, it's energized with the chants of health & happiness mantras

Benefits: tejo ghritha precious face oil maintains skin health, treats skin issues, this is careful blend of precious ingredients that is most wholesome for your skin. evens out skin tone, heals scars, gets rid of spots, and clears out dis-colored pigment patches.

usage: for external use only. be mindful, conscious & aware while use. wash face pat dry & then apply few drops of tejo ghritha all over your damp & clean face & give it a gentle massage. suits all skin types. if required this can be used for entire body also and it's perfect & very beneficial to be used as everyday oil cleansing.

Qty: 30 ml

store it in cool and dry place