bhrUlata - eyebrow & eyelash growth

Rs. 205

kalya shastrabhrUlata - is the perfect nourishment for eyebrow & eyelashes. a beautiful naturally bow shaped eyebrows is perfectly possible with bhrUlata. naturally nourish well for beautiful dark thick eye brows & lashes. this is handmade natural product made with so much love & health & happiness mantras

qty - 9ml 

Packaging: roll on


ingredients & usage informtion

ingredients: bhrUlata contains castor oil, pure sandal oil, almond oil and coconut oil

usage: for external use only. Use on your eye brows & lashes everyday. the fragrance of the pure sandal oil & the cold pressed castor oil & other oils is the perfect nourishment to make you eyebrows strong, black & in a good shape. apply on eye lashes for long, beautiful lashes.


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