jal-kesar : the water cream - 25gms

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jal-kesar -  the water cream. This cream is a cool dream. Its name is just because of the ingredients. Aqua in the form of hydrosols, aloe, saffron ( kesar ) lavender makes it super cool water based cream. While oils are phenomenal, water is elixir. And our skin needs it for sure. Jal-kesar is watery, bouncy, and completely absorb in just a few minutes. It’s really fun to use this water cream & the benefits are simply amazing. No extra fragrance added. The fragrance is only from the ingredients used & is dominated by the the fresh bestest possible strands of saffron used in production

ingredients: loads of good vibes, care, affection & prayers + aqua, aloe, saffron, lavender, almonds and more

Benefits: jal kesar hydrates skin the best possible way. Gives you all the benefits of water to your skin. What’s life or skin without water. but, wait. The abundance of kesar in the water cream will brighten your skin. Lavender used in the formulation also works as disinfectant & anti-bacterial. Keeps skin cool & smooth. hydrates well

*usage*: for external use only. Can be used for all ages. Yes, even for babies. Just know that it has really cooling effect. be mindful, conscious & be aware while use. Pl use clean hands when you pick a tiny blob from the glass jar. It’s completely hand made, no preservative, so lesser shelf life. Pl remember this everytime when you dip in.

A tiny blob spreads so well and usually 1 tiny blob is enough for face. So this 25 gm jar should easily come for a long time.

wash face, pat dry & then apply 1-2 tiny blobs of jal-kesar  all over your damp & clean skin. Glide it on your skin as required. Optimize the qty as per your convenience. can be used on face, hands & body

suits all skin types. However, test patch is recommended strongly.

store it in cool and dry place. Refrigerate if possible ( no. don’t freeze )

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Amazing Smell and Glow

I initially thought the smell was pungent. But turns out, if you take just a tiny quantity, it's pleasant and right on your skin too. If it's summer and you've an oily skin, it kinda makes it more oily. So you'll have to experiment a bit. I absolutely love it!

Jal Kesar

amazing water cream for my oily skin. Its extremely soothing and hydrating and smells heavenly as well :)

Absolutely wonderful

I have been using jal kesar for a few months and it has made my skin so supple and radiant. When applying you will realise it is free of any artificial chemicals and purely natural

Jal kesar the elixir

Top notch
Very hydrating
So far the best cream I have come across


jal-kesar : the water cream - 25gms

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