kesa anugrah – traditional shikekai based hair wash powder

Rs. 415

kesa anugrah – traditional shikekai based hair wash powder - a gentle cleanser that can be used for every day hair wash & also for young kids. It is the age old formulation with arappu, shikekai, reetha that cleanses scalp & hair well without much lather.

This is perfectly suitable when you want to go back in time & use the gentle cleanser made with simple ingredients yet efficiently – the traditional way. the hair wash powder that is 100% traditional. lathers moderately. nourishes & cleanses scalp & hair deeply. Perfect for sensitive scalp conditions. When used right, this hair wash powder is most suitable for babies & kids.

key ingredients: loads of good vibes, care, affection & prayers + reetha, shikekai,arapu,davana,maruga,hibiscus,moringa,neem,aloevera,methi,bhringraj,amla,coriander,curry leaves and more.

Benefits: benefits: removes product build up. Prevents dandruff, dry scalp, scalp itches, Makes hair soft & silky. Clean hair & scalp with natural gentlish fragrance

usage: take 1-2 spoons, mix with plain water to make paste to a convenient consistency, apply to wet scalp & hair, gently massage. it will lather moderately less.  wash thoroughly with plain water till the residue & lather is clear. use again in the same method if required. be #mindful #conscious.

Suits all hair types. Good to use for sensitive scalp & hair, babies & kids

Test patch before use. store in cool and dry place

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