kesa shuddhi - hair wash powder

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*kesa shuddhi - hair wash powder* - finally a 100% natural solution to replace the chemical shampoos
it's time to move away from all chemicals for all our hair routines. the traditional knowledge of using reetha in the right form gives lavishing lather & the other natural ingredients cleanses & strengthens the scalp. reverses all the damage done by the chemicals. now.. you can oil your hair with kesa prabala everynight & wash it off everday with kesa shuddhi. now no more guilt in washing hair every day.
ingredients in this hair wash powder are reetha, shikekai, amla, henna, indigo, nannari, hibiscus leaves, rose petals, neem leaves, neem bark, licorice, tulsi, carrot leaves, jadaamanjal, malaivembu, vilvam, kuppaimeni, magizhampoo, chitramoolam, aavarampoo,castor seeds, karboga arisi, chitrak, rosemary leaves


the mind blowing fragrance is from the concoction of all these natural ingredients. 

how to use kesa shuddhi?

 generally few pinches of kesa shuddhi is sufficient if you are washing hair everyday. however... take 1/2, 1 or 2 spoons depending on the length of your hair or oil applied. make a paste with water ( runny consistency would be better) & apply to the wet scalp & hair. gently massage. it will lather up well. wash thoroughly with plain water till the residue & lather is clear. use again in the same method if required.

 pl note.. the quantity to use kesa shuddhi depends on length of your hair, type of hair & oiliness in your hair.. even water type. so in few uses.. you will get to know how much you might need. the one thing you can be sure of is that the hair cleanser is 100% natural.

 and we generally recommend applying atleast a little oil before every hair wash as this will help lock the natural oils in hair while the soapnuts & other ingredients in kesa shuddhi will cleanse & leave hair soft.  wishing you happy healthy hair


kesa shuddhi is based on soapnuts ( reetha ) so.. when you use more qty or when you use without oiling you might experience hair fall or dry hair.. so.. request you to find your optimum qty of kesa shuddhi to go #noshampoo & be with nature

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My hair loves Kesa Shuddhi

I blame Kalyashastra for giving me first work problems - hair that’s too soft and strong that I cannot keep my hands off! Kesa Shuddhi leaves no residue behind, cleanses deeply and leaves hair feeling super soft, healthy and shiny. And the fragrance! No words to describe it.

The best!!

I don't think I am ever going to go back to shampoos. Kesa shuddhi is the best! My hair feels softer and healthier than ever before.

Good product

Doesn’t make the hair dry. Easy to wash hair with the powder. Cleanses well. Forms lather while washing.

Smells divine

Smells divine!


kesa shuddhi - hair wash powder

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