Nalpamaradi - traditional turmeric oil formulation for glowing skin

Rs. 375

Nalpamaradi  - traditional turmeric oil formulation for glowing skin with turmeric & other ingredients infused in the base oil of sesame & coconut oil. This is the fantastic oil that will protect & treat skin problems like rashes, acne marks, dark patches in private areas & skin folds.

Qty - 50 ml

This is the best pre-bridal body care routine product for face & body oil. And yes, it’s just not for brides & grooms but for all who wants brilliantly glowing skin & wants the best advantages of nalpamaradi formulation. This oil gives a forever bridal glow

key ingredients: loads of good vibes, care, affection & prayers + coconut oil, sesame oil, turmeric, vettiver, rose, amla, neem and more.

Benefits: nalpamaradi is a traditional formulation loaded with turmeric. Hot & cold infusion done in both sesame & coconut oil. With regular use, skin glow & all the dark patches vanish like magic

usage: take oil as much as required, apply all over the face and body. massage in upward circular motions. leave it for atleast 30 minutes to experience the glow. use it daily for quick results. pl know that this oil might leave yellow stains on skin & clothes. wash it off with kalya shastra traditional cleansers to benefit in totality. Haridra is the best turmeric combination for nalpamaradi. be #mindful #conscious.

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