snaana lavanam - javaa - rose bath salt - 100 gms

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bath salt – snana lavanam - javaa

the rose loaded bath salt that cleanses your aura everyday while keeping you calm, composed & happy

purpose: to use this highly energized salt in your every day bath to keep your aura cleansed & energized. to create a strong firewall around you to protect you from anything negative. also relives any stress in the body

bath = snanam, salt = lavanam. rose = javaa.

the javaa (rose) loaded snana lavanam needs to be in your everyday bath routine.

bath salts are the most simpler way to protect your mental and physical health. either in your bucket of water, or in the last mug / cup of your bath or in your bath tub, these salts will bring you goodness & keep your aura strong.

with saindhava salt, sea salt, almond oil, roses, it also helps your skin, relieves from pain, stress & anxiety. brings that calmness in your body & mind. helps you being energized the whole day with all positivity

we have purposely avoided epsom salt in the bath salts, so that it’ll be gentle & can be used for babies also. the relaxed sleep of infants and their smile will show the goodness of our snana lavanam. and in adults, the positive energy the whole day is given with the snana lavanam

what does it help with? to feel lighter inside & outside. to cleanse your aura everyday & keep it strong the whole day

also helps in join pains, stress & anxiety

major ingredients:

saindhava salt - anti-inflammatory properties that heal and soothe skin by calming irritations and breakouts. it also helps retain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin

sea salt - the magnesium in sea salt  helps reduce bloating in the body

almond oil – the elegant almond oil brings in the moisture while the other ingredients brings hydration

ingredients: saindhava salt, sea salt, rose, almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, and essential oils based on aromatherapy for aura cleansing with loads of good vibes, care, affection & prayers

benefits: with rose petals and all salts, it detoxes deeply. reduces stress, relaxes stiff and aching joints. cleanses pores, anti-fungal properties of salts prevents any infections. rose brings beautiful fragrant bath

how to use: take 1 spoon or as much as you need of bath salt- snana lavanam, you can put this in the bucket of water you use for bathing or in the last few s of water if you are taking a shower or in the bath tub to soak yourself in the energized salts.

if possible soak in the salts in a cup of water while you start the bath. this will give time for the salts & leaves to get activated. this will make the snana lavanam very impactful

ensure to pour that water go all thru your body. take few seconds to take the cup or handful of the bath salt water all around you & pour it all over and wash yourself with plain water.

important caution: avoid bath salt  soaks if you have fresh open cuts or wounds

usage: our bath salts are created gentle keeping in mind to suit and to be used for infants, babies & kids. snana lavanam is perfect for all ages & genders.

storage: transfer the content of the package & store it in airtight container immediately. preferably store it in the glass, ceramic or re-usable plastic containers.

place it cool and dry place & avoid wet spoons.

use re-useable cloth bags: since the salts have roses, your bathroom might end up with petals all around. the suggestion is to make or buy a re-usable cotton cloth bag like tea bags or small potlis, which you can fill it with snana lavanam & & drop it in the water for your bath to be very fragrant & protective

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Shruthi Krishnan

snaana lavanam - javaa - rose bath salt - 100 gms

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