sthitha - calming face oil - 30 ml

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sthitha – calming face oil is made majorly from hemp, flaxseed, neroli that calms any skin with a beautiful experience. This sweet smelling oil works like a gliding feather on skin. This tightens the pores, seals in moisture, makes skin so smooth. Reduces any inflammation, firms up skin, minimizing wrinkles, dark spots and puffiness.

ingredients: pure extracted oils from hemp, flaxseed, walnut, avocado, almonds, hazelnut and with such phenomenal natural calming oils, it's also energized with the chants of health & happiness mantras

Benefits: sthitha calms skin so beautifully. This is so perfect when you want to feel calm & also the skin calm. The emotional calmness itself brings in immense benefits to skin. Flaxseed is so laxative and that works so well for our skin. Applying this gently around eyes helps to relax & reduce the puffiness too. Hemp in the formulation is the best hydrating oil and sthita is an holistic formulation that smells so so cute and helps to .balance  the skin type The benefits needs to be experienced than read. Oh.. btw, there is a side effect – it might you very serene & happy. So be careful J

*usage*: for external use only. Can be used by all above 4 years of age. be mindful, conscious & be aware while use. wash face, pat dry & then apply 1-2 drops of dhira all over your damp & clean skin. Tap it in & give it a gentle massage. Leave it for some time and wash it off or use as leave-on oil too. Optimize the qty of oil as per your convenience. a little spreads a lot. this oil can also be used on any part of the body to calm any skin needs. Use it as and when required

suits all skin types. However, test patch is recommended strongly.

if you choose to wash off after application.. you can apply 3-4 drops, massage in well, leave it for a few minutes & wash with gaura or anantam or sukshma. Wash it off even with plain warm water. but if you plan to leave it on your skin.. use just 1-2 drops on your clean damp face

store it in cool and dry place

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