sukshma - powder cleanser for babies, kids & sensitive skin

Rs. 425

Sukshma – powder cleanser for sensitive skin, babies & kids. – this is the perfect gentle powder cleanser formulation that’s perfect for even new born babies. Our legendary gaura was a perfect formulation with 24 herbs, roots, leaves & flowers, some of those potent herbs weren’t age appropriate for new born or sensitive skin. Hence we have come up with this formulation which is safer for babies, kids & sensitive skin. It is safe & very good for all of us. So anyone can use this. Babies, men & women. The fragrance is so neutral & will definitely remind you good old days. Will connect to you to earth for sure.

#nosoapchallenge – sukshma helps even the most sensitive skin & babies to go #nosoap & go #allnatural traditionally with powder cleansers. Let us unclog our pores. Let our skin breathe. Let’s protect our biggest organ of our body

 key ingredients: loads of good vibes, care, affection & prayers + vettiver, davana, neem, maruga, arappu (Albizia Amara), lemon, orange peels and more

 benefits: cleanses & soothes skin, moisturizes skin. Protects skin from bacterial infections, avoids itches & rashes. Makes skin strong & healthy. Increases immunity

 *usage*: take 1-2 spoons, mix with plain water. though not mandate, allow it to soak for 1-2 mins. Use this paste to apply on wet skin and gently massage in circular motion and if possible leave it for 1-5 mins & then wash it off with plain water. it’s perfectly ok even you can’t leave it for 1-5 mins. Use this everyday for face wash & bathing to see results.  be #mindful #conscious

Suits all skin types. Specifically, the sensitive skin, super dry skin types, babies & kids will benefit from this formulation

Test patch before use. store in cool and dry place

store it in cool and dry place

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