sweet almond oil - 50 ml

Rs. 375

pure cold pressed – sweet almond oil

the basic must have oil at home that can be used from head to toe

moisturizes skin and hair with almond oil. like coconut oil & sesame oil, almond oil is also an all-rounder.

about sweet almond oil:  cold pressed sweet almond oil is the most superior because the cold process preserves all of the almond's benefits and nutrients.

in cold pressing, oil is extracted from the best grade almonds at room temperature and almond oil is  obtained after precipitation and filtration which means this oil doesn’t need any refinement.

this is such pure almond oil that can do only goodness for your skin & hair

what does it help with? keeps your skin glowing, treats dry skin, repairs hair breakage, helps in hair growth. the elegant smelling, light oil can help you in your day to day needs

ingredient – pure high grade sweet almonds.

benefits: use this for head to toe for all its versatility & it abundance of goodness.  treats dry skin and scalp. lightens scars & dark spots. good for hair growth. the list is endless & we know it. now, experience it with our kalyashastra sweet almond oil

how to use: use it directly on your skin and hair. it’s a very light oil. gets absorbed easily.  a gentle massage with this oil brings good results

usage: this can be used by all ages & genders. after sesame, coconut, almond oil is the most recommended for infants too

storage: keep it in cool & dry place.

qty: 50 ml

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Kalya shastra is the best ! They somehow give you the confidence that the products they deliver are the best and that you can use it unthinkingly ! I always feel I am using the purest of pure, when I use their products ! It’s also the positive vibration that they talk about, that brings all the difference !


sweet almond oil - 50 ml

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