123 monthly detox party

kaya shastra living basics

living basics is an initiative to learn about our body and how to maintain it the way it should be.  this will include learning mostly everything that it takes to be healthy - internal & external

123 monthly detox is monthly detox program that is the first initiative of kaya shastra living basics. this is a mindful program that can be voluntarily taken by conscious people and is all about detoxing our body by eating just fruits on 1st, 2nd & 3rd of every month.

so here in this article, let's know about

  • a little about our digestive system
  • why detox?
  • why detox with fruits?
  • why 3 days?
  • why 1st, 2nd & 3rd of every month
  • about the 123 monthly detox program
  • who all can do this 123 monthly detox program
  • what to expect from 123 monthly detox?
  • Is there a meal plan?
  • what are do's & don'ts
  • faq - frequently asked questions
  • what's after these 3 days?

brace yourself.. this is a lengthier read. since you are keen on detox program.. you may like it. so.. all the best. first & foremost some biology class.. this is very important. without this i will never be able to tell you why 123 detox program is awesome & is a must for anyone.

a little (?) about our digestive system

our body is an amazing technology. the level of complexity in which it works is simply phenomenal. every part of our body is multi-functional. do you remember your biology lessons on our organ systems, which are made of multiple organs that work together to keep the human body functioning. hmm.. most of us studied for marks rather for jobs. wish each one us were taught to understand the lessons to understand our body in a better sense & for a better reason - to live healthy. ok.. So.. what we need to know is one of the organ system is digestive system & this is very critical for our well being

What does the digestive system do? it processes the foods and absorbs nutrients, minerals, vitamins & water. these are the fuel for our entire body to keep it going. The organs, tissues and structure involved in digestive system are mouth, salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, liver, gall bladder, exocrine pancreas, small intestine and large intestine. All these organs work together to digest food and absorb nutrients efficiently. Digestion wouldn’t work so well if your stomach stopped churning or if one of your enzyme-producing glands—like the pancreas—decides to take the day off

while most of the work is done automatically in our body.. nature gave us a small job trusting us that we would do it well. chewing. yes.. chewing anything & everything that goes into our mouth is in our control. nature gave us mechanical power too - strong teeth. chewing is all we have to do manually. hmm.. do we do that right? think...

healthy digestion is a 'silent' process. digestion in some form is taking place while we rest, eat, sleep or work. and with our so called modern lifestyle,  we constantly increase the workload of our digestive system.

while we continuously feed our input system (our mouth), we also never stop to expect great glowing skin, fit body, healthy life without diseases. We generally become aware of a system called 'digestion'  only when something goes wrong & gives indication in the form of constipation, gas or acidity

Although our digestive system can withstand a lot of stress - from the foods that we eat to all the emotional stresses. but for how long? it is constantly working to keep the body intact. auto-adjusts & auto-corrects by trying to throw toxins & waste. But we have our own way to block that way too. you know what i am talking about but..wait.. digestive system can handle this mess only for a limited period. Over time, the negative effects will accumulate and create health problems in the long-term.

hello.. our body doesn't throw only a final error with a mega disease. it cautions us constantly in the subtle forms of burps, heaviness, acne, dull skin, weak hair, tired watery or dry eyes.

It's time to take control on our inputs, give comparatively lesser load to the digestive system.

because only when we manage the input.. the systems related to the output will be working in smooth order. i am talking about excretory system. we should be balancing our input & output system. in our output i.e excretory system - kidneys are very important. but skin is major excretory system & is responsible to throw the excess water & salt thru sweat. when you block it the water & salt stays inside & puts pressure on other organs to excrete.

That's enough of biology class for now.. No.. trust me.. my major in education was not in biology. learnt these by going thru our school books again & understood the systems from good doctors & super souls who didn't wink an eye to spend hours in answering all my layman questions. hoping these information will give you some basics & you can evolve from here.

why detox?

if you have read the above in peace & understood.. by now.. you know why we need to detox. yes.., it's time to give some less load to our digestive system atleast for 3 days in a month. in this way. not just your digestive system but your entire system gets detoxed.  body gets time to finish all the pending work of keeping the system clean. So irrespective of our lifestyle in the past, we can take some positive steps to rejuvenate and maintain the health of your digestive system & inturn our overall health. So.. let's detox.

imagine a machine constantly working with excess load. it gets heated up. it's efficiency becomes an issue. slowly it creates problems in the entire eco-system. to cool it down.. we turn it off for sometime or bring one more new machine. But with our body.. we don't have option to bring a new one. so better to cool it down for some time.

please make this clear in your head & heart. this detox is not to reduce weight or for glowing skin..these might happen. they are the good impacts of the detox. but whole & sole intention is that we are going to detox only to be kind to our digestive system & give it some healing time

i am all well. how do i know that i need to detox?

today both outside & inside, we are loaded up with toxins, chemicals, pollution, etc.,  most of us are fortunate with more & more food with lesser options to burn all those extra food. And let's not even discuss the processed food that we eat in daily basis

if you have experienced - fatigue in doing the regular work, sluggish elimination, irritated skin, acne, hyper sensitive skin, allergies, infections, puffy eyes, menstrual problems, mental confusions, too much procrastination, irritated mindset,  it's good to detox.

why detox with fruits?

eating right is the best method to detox our body. obviously. right? that's the only manual input system. And yes.. there are so many methods or diets in the world to detox our internal system. But fruits are the best. why?

fruits are the only food that is naturally cooked by nature. so fruits will be easy on your digestive system. all the fruits are carefully packed by nature with peels, skins or shells. so its ready to travel with anywhere. all fruits are in itself packed with water. you will stay hydrated. when you go with variety of fruits, together they provide all possible nutrients & fiber.

when fruits are ripe and eaten fresh, they are nectar. Fresh ripe fruit requires practically no digestion and enhances immunity, happiness and strength.

i don't want to add more benefits of fruits.. basically we all know fruits are good. oh.. by the way when we start consuming fruits more.. indian farmers will also be happy.

why 3 days?

body needs some time to heal our monthly stock & time to cool off. 3 days is the bare minimum that you need to give your body to lower the load & give it some rest. And you need atleast 3 days to experience some difference in yourself. And yes.. doing 3 consecutive days help a lot

nevertheless.. beginners can start with replacing 1 meal in a day with fruits & gradually move to 1 day, 2 day & 3 days of only fruits.

why 1st, 2nd & 3rd of every month?

no rocket science behind this. it's easy to remember. that's it. 123 monthly detox. let's begin every month with the intention of good health.

about the 123 monthly detox program

so.. i used to detox with fruits randomly.. whenever i feel so.. or whenever i had overindulged in food. and most of you know that i keep insisting to do a 3 day detox atleast once in a month for glowing healthy skin. by now after reading the first biology paragraph you know for sure.. no single product can get you that glowing skin without your partnership. yes.. we need trust in your body intelligence, trust in products. but with there are other factors too that impact skin health. external climate, environment, emotions and mainly the food we eat.

if the lifestyle is all about enjoying unlimited greasssy non-veg curry or deep fried, hi calorie food or smoking or consuming alcohol.. + the work stress, peer pressure, work-life balance tensions.. kaya shastra products or any natural product for that matter might not be effective. i can't change so many things in other's life. my tiny effort is to provide clean #allnatural products for daily body care routine to replace the chemicals in our bathroom. and the next thing is to share the knowledge that i have learnt to keep the body in a better condition. and i can keep sharing but.. till experienced.. the benefits will not be known. hence i started this community program 123 monthly detox program. here i do my best to motivate you to take 123 detox program with a group of like-minded friends. and the good thing about this.. i get a company of super crazy #allnatural loving gang to do detox together.

we will do this detox program forever. every month 1st, 2nd & 3rd. you can do this from whereever you are. all you need is access to buy variety of fruits & eat happily and sumptously. so..hereafter if it's 1st, 2nd & 3rd of everymonth - it's just fruits & you.

right now.. 123 detox program is all just this.

who all can do this 123 monthly detox program

Anyone who is healthy & conscious enough. sensible enough can follow this 123 monthly detox program

who need to avoid?people with any serious illness or on under any prolonged medical condition or regular medication that might need other type of food, or on any other dietary instructions or methods and breast feeding moms.

what to expect from 123 monthly detox?

if you do just one time.. it's good. but if you want long term benefits.. you must do this every month. we eat all 30 days. just 3 days i request you to replace those food with fruits.

ok.. what can you expect?

  • organs rested
  • stimulating liver to drive away toxins from the body
  • promoting easy elimination thru intestines, kidneys & skin ( keep skin unclogged )
  • improving blood circulation

you will become light & healthy. this fruit detoxification helps because you every cell gets time to rest & rejuvenate. at the end of every 3 days.. you will be become more conscious of what you eat. you will become more mindful of what you put in your input system i.e mouth :)

Is there a meal plan?

No. there can't be one right fruit meal plan. you can eat any fruit. preferably indian fruits because they'll be compartively fresher as it's grown closer to us. so eat fresh fruits. any quantity as you need. no restrictions. but go with a sensible limit. don't starve or don't overeat. be moderate.

Enjoy every fruit in its raw form. Be mindful of the taste of each bite. experience the fruit as it is. don't judge it. Send the bite with a message of happiness to your internal system. that fruit is going to help clean your system and they will become nutrients to make you healthy. so eat with a smile. real smile.

what are the Do's & Don'ts?

this detox program is definitely huge challenge for beginners. it is a mental challenge than managing hunger. let me list the Don'ts first


  • don't do this to lose weight. - that's not the intention
  • don't do this to impress anyone - it's not worth it
  • don't push yourself. listen to your body. if you are craving.. give in. but in limitation. else you will end up thinking only of some particular food & will torture your mind, emotions & body. it takes time to accept these methods. let's accept this is going to be a mental challenge
  • don't do this just because someone asked you to do so. understand why you need this & follow this happily
  • don't overdo. if you are used to coffee/tea, as a beginner don't abruptly stop these for 3 days. you may cut down the qty & number of times.. gradually you will not need these. prepare yourself mentally. body is set in certain routine. you can't change it overnight.
  • don't add seasonings.. eat the fruit as much as possible.
  • don't add milk, sugar, honey unless this is not happening at all.
  • don't add veggies, sprouts, nuts, dry fruits in your program. they are all hard to digest. remember the intention is to lessen the load on the digestive system
  • important - pl don't starve. pl understand we are only replacing the meal with fruits. eat well. eat till you feel your stomach is full
  • don't drink too much water. drink water only when you are thirsty. fresh fruits contain enough water to keep your body hydrated provided you eat enough fruits
  • don't binge eat the fruits. when you eat.. eat full on. and the next you eat will be only when you are hungry. remember even though you are eating fruits.. still they need to be digested.. give healing hours between your fruit plates
  • don't punish yourself. if you can't control a craving.. deviate a little & come back. something is better than nothing
  • don't do if you don't trust your body or if you don't trust the fruits to do the detox
  • don't do when you are compelled to do


  • mentally get prepared to complete 3 days detox.
  • Do this detox with all your heart in it.
  • Do it happily
  • Do it consciously. you are responsible for you. you are responsible for what you eat.
  • Do it only when you are completely convinced that your digestive system needs a low load period regularly & cooling off
  • Do commit for long term. Do the 3 day detox every month if you want to reap the benefits
  • do eat only fruits. juicing up is ok.. but you are losing fibre & nutrients in its actual form
  • Do chew well.. you read in the above biology paragraph why chewing is important. even fruits need to be morcelized well. even if it's juice or water.. sip.. ensure it's mixed with saliva and then only swallow it. hydrolysis starts from mouth. pl remember there is no teeth in the stomach. so literally grind everything with your teeth & make it easier for other organs.
  • Eat well. pl don't starve.

faq - frequently asked questions?

i feel exhausted on the days of detox

so.. reason might be either you may not be eating good quantities or it's just your mental illusion.. because you are not eating your regular food

i get head heaviness

again.. this will be for beginners or if you are not mentally prepared. you are thinking food too much. jokes apart. your body might be adjusting to the lower load.

too much sweet with fruits.. i am craving salt & spice

hmm.. this happens to me too.. make some thin veggie soups. add little salt & pepper. till we get used to the 3 day complete detox.. this deviation is fine. nothing wrong. again. something is better than nothing. what say?

most of the other faq's are answered in the do's & don't itself. if you have more.. pl comment your questions below.. i shall try to answer. and will add those in this section later

ah.. 3 days over. now what?

you must be feeling so relieved that now you can eat whatever you want. ok.. great. but don't jump into a huge spread.. let the first meal after the detox 3 days are over be lighter. let the first meal be not very spicy or salty.. gradually you can indulge into everything

if you have done 3 days.. you should pat yourself. you really need appreciation. but not in the form of food. now that you know to manage you craving & hunger well.. continue to be conscious & be mindful of what you eat. eat anything everything. but in the right way. don't forget that you have a constantly working digestive system that depends on your input. and..whateer you eat.. chew well & swallow when mixed with saliva. lets do this one job that nature gave it to us.


Yes.. that's all that i wanted to share with you for now.. there's lot more that we can keep discussing how our oral health is important for our digestive system.. about the mechanical & chemical digestive process that happens in each organ.. mainly.. i want to share about the excretory system. do you know that western toilets do not allow excretion to happen completely. because of this colon & rectum are always in constant pressure..and toxins/wastes in those places can also be the cause for your acne or dull skin or weak hair????  hmm.. let's reserve those for some later articles

if you have read till now.. you know the basics. you are good to take a conscious & responsible decision to follow or not follow the 123 montly detox program

And.. i'm always around for to share what i know.. what i learnt. and if i dont know.. i will seek answers & share with you. So.. ping me on whatsapp - +91 9148588338

my prayers & wishes for your health & happiness in abundance

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