love your acne. but why?

what? really? do you love it? those ugly acne? that puss loaded pimples? come on don't tell me this.. forget about loving.. who likes it?

I agree. even tone color. smooth texture. clear skin without blemishes & spots is what even i want. did i deny that? who wants blotchy.. patchy, spotted, dry or oily skin?

and show me one person who has never had an acne or skin complaint. if there's skin there'll be conditions. what we do is go for cosmetics or beauty parlour treatments recommended by anyone or a product used someone who has good skin to get a flawless & glowing skin forever. And now.. again.. show me one person who is so convinced with all or any of these approaches.

All these efforts are only to good to hide any imperfections. But my question is, who decided that flawless skin is perfect. yes.. i know.. your argument is that symmetrical looks, clear skin, bright shiny eyes, healthy thick hair & sparkling white teeth are the rules of beauty. what an ideal world that is.. it is not that we can't achieve that. yes. we definitely can. there's a simple formula to that.. i will share it in this write up itself
every human.. yes. both men & women strive for the utmost perfect look. craving for flawless skin is not new.. it's from the time human life existed. in those golden ages.. natural ingredients were explored for skin & hair routines.. like the popular cleopatra 's milk bath, turmeric ubtans, etc., for the last few decades.. synthetic.. plasticky age of beauty treatments is ruling our skin. we believed chemical engineers & labs can make us beautiful & hide all our so called imperfections.

it's amazing that in recent years, we indians have started realizing that these lab & man made chemical cosmetics does have instant effect in hiding but definitely has long term rough impacts on our skin & hair, like dryness, extreme oilyness, skin cracks, itchiness or rash. And these may also be the cause of many diseases that we don't know the root cause.

many of us have moved back to natural daily care routines. if you are reading this.. you must also be one of many who have opted for #allnatural & have taken #nosoapchallenge

ok.. that's a lot of intro. let me come to the topic - why i love acne.

acne is the most common skin condition. mostly starts at the puberty age & is always with most of us through out our life. before we put effort to understand acne.. we need to have the basic knowledge about our marvelous skin.
i am not going to detail about the layers.. you can any day google to understand the physical structure of skin. basically 3 layers - first is the water proof layer & color, second - hair follicles & sweat glands, third - tissues

our skin is not just a nice beautiful bag to hold all the internal organs. skin itself is the largest organ. let's understand the major uses of skin in the most practical way..

1. sensation - helps in identifying heat/cold, pain, pressure, touch
2. movement -the elasticity helps to move
3. growth - skin stretches & contracts according our growth
4. protects - from dehydration, bacterial invasions, UV radiation, physical injuries
5. regulates temperature- retention or release of heat from the body based on external condition
6. excretes - waste excretion - all that body wants to throw out from the body thru skin
7. endocrine function - skin & endocrine glands are closely associated. in simple words - those hormone changes impacts skin
8. absorbs - what you put on the skin is taken inside

why i had to explain these because all we see is just a break out or rash that looks ugly (ugly? in whose dictionary - media? ) the pimples that doesn't make us look glamorous in those selfies. so we took it for granted that the skin has to be flawless.. glowing forever. fair enough. it needs to be. but what's going wrong? & where is it going wrong?

read those functions again.. just imagine how much work our simple looking skin is performing. do we take a moment to understand why that acne has popped on our skin? all we end up doing is blame it on the climate, blame it on the genes, blame it on something that we know a little about or nothing about

our facial skin is literally an indication. whoever made our body.. is ultra intelligent & has made our body super intelligent. he has made our facial skin just like the auto-level indicator, our facial skin simply indicates where in the body part we have problems. the area of all those acne, pus laden pimple, black heads, pigmentation means there is something problem in a particular organ or some part of our body..

for example cluster of small boils in forehead during teenage in a girl means the uterus is growing & the body is adjusting its systems internally & indicates thru that small boils.. acne around the nostrils means the colon has some issue & needs care. acne around the eyebrows, eyes means care is needed for bladders, acne in chin means stomach, spleen & pancreas. around lips & nose tips - heart needs care

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yes.. hormones also play a major role. when you are stressed.. your internal health is impacted & hence indicates that thru an acne. so that you take action to be balanced.

a simple acne means there is something wrong in what we did and some system is impacted. i.e it means what we input our body is not right - one or combination of these - what we eat, how we eat, what we think & what we breathe.
any flaw in the skin is the first level indication of inner health. if we are smart & mindful enough.. we'll understand the first subtle warning & change whatever required. only if we don't react to this. the internal system fights aggressively to retain balance.. and when it can't indicates thru those slight pains.. uncomfortness.. still we don't react the right way we should.

every acne that pops up will have a big internal story . wish each acne could speak. because we humans have lost our intuitions & the basic skill to understand our body

we try understanding everything under the sun & the sad part is that we don't know or understand our own body & its amazing technology.. and end up panicking & make that acne worse. yes.. topical treatment helps.. but the job of the topical treatment is limited. and yes we have to choose that topical treatment ingredient carefully.
Now.. we know acne is indication of inner organ health. But.. wait there's one more thing..

we all know skin pores absorbs whatever we apply on it. in the name of soaps, moisturisers, creams, serums, make up.. we are covering our skin layer. these stuff are also absorbed by our skin & is taken in and distributed inside our body.

so bottom line is that we are feeding our internal system the SLS/parabens/petrochemical products to our body. wow.. we are amazing right?

not just feeding the skin unwanted things.. we silicone coat the skin & block the pores. we here have clogged pores. So, when the internal system is trying to indicate our inner health with an acne.. due to the blocked pores.. it doesn't happen. worst is that amidst clogged pores body still throws an acne.. and again we push it again in with chemical treatments. hmm..

all of you know.. i am on #nosoapchallenge for the last 2 years. still.. i do get acne regularly. i'm happy. my internal system is working fine. when i eat something junk for the craving.. when i don't sleep well, when i over work.. when i go thru my menstrual cycle.. i do get acne. #nosoapchallenge & choosing natural ingredients to cleanse doesn't mean you will have sparkling skin. this is an effort not to clear your skin pores.

with years & years of chemical dump on our skin, our skin would have also accepted it & would depend on it. Now when we take the natural route.. for some people, body might take time to adjust to the new natural healthy input. is there any specific ingredient that can cause allergy? i have to write another long blog. but in few lines.. if that ingredient is causing trouble for everyone. then there is problem in the ingredient. but if that causes issues only for specific few.. then you know where is the problem.

in long term.. the motive of #nosoapchallenge using gaura or any natural cleanser is to have healthy happy skin that will immediately indicate when there is even a slight problem in the inner health.. yes.. we need to be mindful to understand those indications.

i haven't shared even 10% of what i want to. i will write more on these.. sharing what i know & what i have learnt. i am constantly unlearning & learning with amazing people who are experts in understanding our body system and also I can't wait to write why bathing is not just a skin cleansing routine.. it's a way to connect with our body.
so much is there to share with you all friends. about saliva.. about chewing.. about swallowing.. hmm.. one at a time.. let's understand & live a healthy life.

the simplest possible lifestyle is to throw those chemical stuffed bottles & avoid clogging our skin pores.. let's not interrupt the functions of the skin. let's love & respect our body. it does lot more than we know. if not help.. let's not trouble it

see you soon with more sharing of what i know, what i learn, what i experience..

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