7 ways to practice mindful brushing

yes. mindful brushing. it's the best way to start our day. meditative. mindful indulgance.

usually.. brushing is a mindless job. isn't it? we wake up.. with half opened eyes, pull out the brush.. put a colorful paste on it..put that in your mouth.. check phone.. woah but.. like the ads show.. does that paste immediately take you to surfing or bring take you to forest for freshness? atleast to me it didn't. but what i am sure is, this mindless task that we do everyday will definitely be good for the dentists. yes.. their businesses are doing well now a days.

why didn't we have these many dentists 50-100 yrs back? have you thought about this? and our elders had much stronger teeth than us. it's this generation that goes for filling, flossing, cleaning, sparkling, whitening, rcts, etc., etc.,

check what's in your toothpaste. we literally use it twice everyday. the chemicals in the toothpaste are absorbed in our body every time we brush. so.. this means that  we voluntarily inject chemicals as daily routine. are those chemicals doing good or bad to us? how much do we know about these chemicals? should we do this? please question.

if you have read my blog on 123 detox.. i have explained how our mouth is the first stage of digestion. and why our oral hygiene is very important. strong teeth & gums are very important not for those glittering selfies but for basic body system. let me know will write a dedicated blog on this.

now.. like other blogs.. i am not going to make this blog lonnng. struggling to write short ( bruh.. seems that's art i don't have) still in short. pl shift to tooth powders. your own hand made - home made tooth powders are anyday good than those chemical tooth paste. that's why i made danta druda. it's astringent tasting tooth powder. i am not here to impress you with sweet words or taste. you need astringent taste for you balanced health & emotions. period. so.. i spiked up astringent taste in the toothpowder.

tooth powders mean you need finger brushing. tell me.. what's wrong with it? it's your fingers.. your mouth. your teeth. pl finger brush. massage your gums well. enjoy it. yes. you can also use plastic bristled tooth brushes ( that's the only thing available). i finger brush & massage. i use tooth brush before swishing to clean out those small grainy stuff of the toothpowder. i also tongue clean with a copper tongue cleaner. for the last 2 years i have been very regular in oil pulling with sesame oil. i have had awful oral problems. now i am way tooo far better. touch wood. i can't expect danta druda to reverse all these long years usage of chemicals in just 2 years. but i am very confidant to never go back to a toothpaste. i do visit my dentist as he has become family friends but haven't visited him in his clinic for any problem in the last 2 years.

you shifting to tooth powder & oil pulling isn't sufficient. are you doing it with mindfulness. that's very important. be with you while you brush. get amazed how nature create those pearlies & how nature got it engineered in the gums & how it works

So.. let's  check the 7 ways for mindful brushing

1. know your physical structure of your mouth

what's tooth made of? why do you have that shape? what's the purpose each shape? how much saliva is secreting in your mouth? what's the smell? what is the color of your tongue? how is the shape of each tooth? learn a little about it. google about the generic structure, functions. it'll be worth your time. atleast once. do this

2. your mouth & mind needs to be connected

While brushing, when you touch your lips, gums, teeth with your fingers.. observe them.. feel them. remember them

3. Accept it. Love it

each one of us are unique. let's accept our uniqueness. Let's love it & respect it. our lips, tongue, gums, teeth.. saliva. respect it. thank it sincerely for doing its job even after we mess it in all possible ways

4. understand why you brush

yes. remember the reason. why do we even brush? to maintain the oral hygiene that can help us in smooth 1st stage of digestion. so remember what you need to use for healthy oral care. No more chemicals or anything that might harm in long term.

5. connect with the products

it might be the same product. but it becomes you when you touch it. when you energize it with your thoughts & emotions. first choose the right natural product & then trust it completely. because that is very important to give you good oral health

6. just brushing

no distraction. no potty time. no phone time.. no cooking time. no news paper time. it's just brushing time. it's going to take a maximum of 10 minutes for your complete oral care. brushing, swishing with water, tongue cleaning & oil swishing. can't we afford mindful 10 minutes? yes. we can & we will

7. visualise and promise

for me this step is a very important routine. at the end of brushing, visualising healthy strong teeth & gums till the last breath of life.

So.. are we ready for mindful brushing with danta druda? try this & let me know your experiences.

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