4 things that i found out why i was not able to keep away from cosmetics & make up before kaya shastra?

1. for that youthful - presentable look.

who doesn't fret dull, wrinkled skin? oh.. those crow feet around eye (oops.. yes. i  have those feeeets al lot ) but these can't determine my youth.

but it does. it's because our brains are trained to associate brighter eyes, a fresh face with smooth supple skin & plump lips as healthy & young. And only skin that is maintained so is presentable. rest of the faces.. pl go under cover.

2. it feels nice, special & confident

whether the make ups, cosmetics helped me really or not to look good... it mentally made me feel special that i was taken care of. ofcourse the cost of the cosmetics were directly proportional to the special feeling & flying high experience

using those products simply triggers a pleasure. and did i paint all possible chemicals on my skin to trigger that pleasure? oh.. No

3. oo..you are looking amazing

yes. for that compliment. whether it comes from a man or woman. those words were too good to hear. good even to die for. ha ha.

but the irony is with the same make up.. even with same outfit.. the compliments doesnt' repeat everytime or from every one. how sad. so.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. mm..

4. stupid belief & herd mentality

so many are using. so it must be true & good. really? i have to tell you this story here. i promise to keep it short.

the king who went mad -

so there was this kingdom- happy & wealthy. a neighbor king was jealous. sent a magician to add a magic potion in the water resources to make all people mad. And the magician was successful. All the happy kingdom people became mad in some days

The king & queen had a different water resource. so they did not become mad. ( they are king & queen you see.)

Now.. people were mad. king & queen was not. And, in few months.. the mad people were very upset the way king was ruling. so they planned to kill the sane king & queen to bring a new mad king to rule the mad people.

Knowing this, the king & queen quickly drank the mad water.  And they started ruling the kingdom madly. mad people loved mad king. they lived happily ever after.

Yes. our story is also like that. we quickly become mad without batting an eye to think what's right. we just want to rule or be part of the mad crowd. wait. i am not blaming us. it's our brain. blame it. our brain is so tangled that when you hear or see positive feedback for a product we immediately want to try it. Nothing wrong in it. But, why paint paints & colors on our skin which has much more important function to keep us healthy?

just until kaya shastra became the way of my life.. i was an addict for a particular bigggg brand & i regularly burnt hole in my pocket for years. Why? i knew a lady from my consulting days in a different country who used that biggg brand & had a so so good enviable skin.  So, i believed that to be awesome. But some years later.. she said she was using that brand at that point because she received it as gift and then she dropped a bomb telling me that generally she doesn't use anything at all much. she still has a soft supple cutest skin. i am not ashamed of sharing this here because we all do that.  even if we don't know about the product, if some one who has a good skin uses it or talks about it. we end up buying that product.

girls.. check out your bags, dressing tables, those drawers. how many impulsive purchases we have done. how many types, brands, how much have we used them?  how much have they helped us?

hey.. by the way, don't blame me for that pungent smell when you opened those corners to check your stash

now with kaya shastra.. i feel so sorted. few months back.. i cleaned up all those bags, nooks & corners to throw  almost everything except few lipsticks & kajal. honestly. i am not exaggerating. you are welcome home anytime to check this. oh.. yeah.. i use home made kajals prepared from ghee & nandhbatlu. a relative of mine does this & i pick those from her. yes it smudges a bit. but that's ok than painting my eyes with polymers. i prioritize my vision. did you know? in our whole body,  our eyelids have the thinnest skin. i want to save it. enough of risking.

yes. now i don't even have the basic moisturiser. it's not just me. both my girls (one is a teenager. hmm..) & my sister are free from all these cosmetics & makeup stuff.

thanks to my sidha, ayurveda, naturapathy  teachers, mentors and some super soul people . They've taught me a lot. Is it that the purpose of my life to share this knowledge with more & more friends. nature will tell that in time. Right now. I'm just focusing on doing things that i know are right for me, my family & you my friends.

Pl share your views & feedback. I will be glad that some one's reading my thoughts. pl ignore my grammar, spelling mistakes, etc., i am not a writer. i have written what i would have spoken with my friends.

Love you all.

go #allnatural & take #nosoapchallenge. you can also ping me on whatsapp +91 9148588338.

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