we are good. we have done a tiny bit.

5 June 2018 - it's World Environment day today

Today corporates are asking us to be more responsible. Every popular personality is doing some campaign towards it. Every brand is promising to be good to the environment. posts, short movies are made to give us that knowledge about the way we are spoiling the environment that we are living in.

It's good. i'm not complaining. Atleast this way most people are reminded of the environment atleast once a year or mostly for a week or month.

i couldn't stop remembering the uttarakhand disaster in 2013. it was because we messed up with the environment. Will you not agree?

Nature will wait, watch & give us sometime to realize & correct the course. If not, what happens? oh.. do we think nature will suffer. Forget it. let's not worry about the safety of nature & environment. nature knows to heal itself. nature is intelligent to bring things in balance. it's us who are tiniest speck in this large universe. It's us who will pay the price for meddling with the environment due to our ignorance & stupidity. ok.. if not us the next generation will definitely pay. Don't forget the next generation is our kids. OMG

Am i not contributing to this mess? ofcourse i am. i am part of the society that we live in. But you know what? knowingly, unknowingly we are doing our bit of little good thing to our body & the waterbodies.

by going #nosoap & using #kayashastra #gaura or any natural ingredient instead of soaps, each one of us have not polluted the waterbody.

wait.. what? Do soaps pollute the water bodies? really?

Yes. soaps.. even hand made soaps pollute the fresh water sources. The waste water that goes down the drains from the bathrooms & toilets is definitely funneled into a wastewater treatment plants. These plants removes pollutants and sends treated water into the river. even if these treatment plants are too effective, scientists are increasingly finding evidence that everyday chemicals, pharmaceuticals and human hormones pass right through the treatment plants and mix with the water resources

we might think.. what big deal of destruction will happen with us using a little bit soap everyday. Remember we are 140+ crore people in india. imagine the amount of water with chemicals going into the drain & mixing with the water resources. we live high density populated country.

the water coming out of wastewater treatment plants have abundant traces of dozens of chemicals, from household products like sunscreen, fragrances in lotions or shampoos, antibacterial agents from hand soaps, and pharmaceutical chemicals. Treatment plants don’t remove these chemicals partly because it would be really expensive.

These new pollutants have toxic properties that threaten both human health and fish and wildlife. But no one knows what happens when they’re all mixed together. A lot of these chemicals are designed to be bioactive. Pharmaceuticals are designed to have a biological effect in our body and That’s exactly why we take them.

And imagine these going into our water resources & the biological effect on the fish that live in the ecosystem. The bugs. The birds that eat the fish. Humans eating that fish. Hmm.. i can keep going on with this.

There's definitely something for you & me to be happy & be proud. we have done a little lesser damage.

Yes, with #nosoapchallenge and choosing #gaura #kayashastra you have contributed in your own way. see.. we are not adding chemicals to the water resources. our #nosoap community is still very tiny now. I agree.

But small drops makes the ocean. The small change with one step towards it.

Let's choose wisely. my kids & our kids needs to live a normal life. let us gift this planet clean as much as possible.

Happy environment day. Every day. Happy Earth day. Every day.

I SALUTE YOU for choosing kayashastra gaura for your everyday  face & body cleansing. You have supported not just your skin to breathe. you have supported #localproduce #desi #natural

Support enviornment, Save Environment are the likes of the quotes floating all around the web & whatsapp. we should understand this - our Environment does not need support or saving gestures. we have to be saved from our own ill choices & it's us who needs support from environment

Thank you for reading friend. Continue to choose wisely

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