Why this bias? It is not fair prioritizing facial skin care routine than body skin care routine.

"I use kaya shastra gaura only for my face" i heard this more than once last week . OMG. Really?

I am really worried. i know for sure that this is going to be a cribbing post.  in the last few weeks when i connected with people to know the feedback, review, experiences who became friends thru kaya shastra,  i realized most use good skin care products or routines or therapies only for the face. knowing this I was devastated. yes. seriously

Why this bias? it's not fair.

So.. will we protect ONLY the parts that are visible to others? are we really not bothered about the skin on our other parts of body. will we not care for anything for our own selves? only bothered about selfies?

I understand. this could happen only out of clear ignorance.

So, i thot i will quickly share the knowledge that i learnt about the skin on our body and why you should not use soaps on any part of your skin.

Agreed. Face is very critical & is the instant reflection of our health & mind. It is kind of the quick indicator of what is happening in our body. Remember the face meridian post in our kayashastra insta page?

But the skin that covers all other parts of our body is nothing less important. It also does the same thing as our face skin. why cleanse only face? If you were using soap all over the body. use gaura all over the body.

The thickness of the skin in the body varies from part to part. Skin on face is sensitive & thinner. The skin covering the eye lids are the thinnest of all. That's exactly why we should avoid polymer eyeliners . (will keep this for another post)

skin in the neck, chest are thicker. you can feel your skin all over your body when you take bath next. pl do that. know your skin. kaya shastra is more about mindful skin care products.

Ok.. now, as the thickness of skin varies.. hair follicles, sweat glands, oil glands vary. these are the ones that protect our skin. we have been blocking these glands with chemicals all these years. right? doesn't those part deserve to be cleansed?

There are breakouts in other parts of the body too. not sure if most of us have noticed and taken care of those tiny reactions in those parts. Don't we get small boils on our back? ( seems, it's even called bacne.) please understand they are also a type of acne. they also need the same care as much as we care for our face.

Should we run a gaura hash tag for #forbodytoo & #notjustforface ? hmm..

I request you to spread this awareness. Our skin on all parts of our body is equally important than that it is visible to others. our chest, back, thighs need cleansing. the glands needs to cleansed. with natural goodness.

Let's do a holistic cleansing. let's take care of our body with mindfulness. Let's respect our body. let's be aweinspired by our body's intelligence.

See you soon with more. love you. i mean it. i love you.

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