Pat or Rub your skin dry? which is good for your skin?

Patting or rubbing your skin to dry? Which one should you practice?


We wash our face atleast twice a day. Take bath atleast once a day.Great. The question for this blog is how do you dry your skin?


Do you mindlessly take a towel and wipe or rub it dry? If you not doing so.. You are your skin’s friend. Keep going.


Incase you are rubbing or wiping your skin, don’t worry. You are not alone. Even i used to be a rubber. It was as natural as brushing teeth. I used to vigourously rub the skin with the towel. It all changed when i observed, read, discussed & realized.


Learn to pat. Patting always does the good. Whether you are patting the back of your loved one or patting yourself dry. Patting is good. It is the right way.

Ok.. why pat? And not rub?


Rubbing can give you wrinkles faster. Why? While rubbing you are stretching the skin. This movement breaks down the collagen & elastin in the skin. Specifically never rub the eyes. The skin is very thin in eye area and you can get all those crow feet & bags fast & free. So, don’t rub. Pat your skin.


Patting is gentle on skin. Towel simply absorbs the water on your skin. This way patting proves to be softer on the skin.


Rubbing the skin seems to more like our automatic method. But, spend a second, be conscious. To become your skin’s friend & for your skin to remain wrinkle free, soft and supple. Pat it.


You skin deserves only a pat.


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