again & again - it's about soap - till you take #nosoapchallenge

i am writing again on soap. 

i shall continue to write till each one of take #nosoapchallenge & experience your natural skin without any synthetics for atleast 21 days.

there can never be a natural soap. not even any handmade, carefully crafted artisan soaps - whatever luxurious ingredients are used.

soap is not occurred naturally – you agree to this. right?

soap is a chemical compound resulting from the reaction between fatty acids & powerful alkali. usually sodium hydroxide.  sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda, is an inorganic compound with the formula naoh.

if i have to put this in chemical terms – soap is nothing but salt. not the simple salt in your kitchen. this needs to be understood that the reaction is called saponification

so, let’s say if you used olive oil as your fatty acid & then the lye – it becomes – sodium olivate. this sodium olivate is called soap. now do you understand it’s a man-made chemical – synthetically produced?

please. soap can never be natural product even if you use goat’s milk, cow’s milk or almond oil. once you add the lye – the sodium hydroxide, it’s synthetic. and your skin doesn’t need this.

probably soap manufacturers can label it saying there's some natural ingredient in the soap. but no one can claim soap is natural

my request to you – pl take #nosoapchallenge atleast for 21 days straight. use oils everyday before bath & use powder cleansers – ubtans – kuliyal podi – snanam powder which is made from natural herbs, flowers, leaves, grains and more..

incase you are looking for products from us, we have gaura, anantam, sukshma & haridra to support you in this challenge. and don’t forget to use sesame or coconut oil to massage your body quickly before the bath. this daily routine is more like sip investment plan. let’s go towards breathing healthy skin & let skin do its function as an organ

so, are you ready for atleast 21days of #nosoapchallenge?

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