skin types - what’s your skin type goal?

skin types a how much do you know about them? and what’s your skin type goal?

most of you ask if specific products suit specific skin types. and most of the time, we would responded to you that all our products are ideally suitable for all skin types. let me clarify about this in this article

we are all so comfortable defining our skin type as – dry, oil, normal, combination and now the most common – sensitive. there's aged skin doing more rounds now. 

but, are you sure of this? see.. we can’t define clearly on our skin type. this is the fact. the interesting thing is we have different skin type and texture on various parts of the body. now… this is again the place i get so amazed about the way the supreme being structured & constructed our body.

and what was given to us in right combination is messed up with our utmost skill due to our negligence or ignorance.( pun intended ) so, a quick look at how we define our skin types since we have right royally messed up.

when our skin is rough skin, skin with dry flakes, itchy, feels tight after washing – then we define it as dry skin type.

when we have very shiny, oily skin that breaks out in a jiff with more black-heads we call it oily skin or greasy skin

and the very popular combination skin. that’s the oily t-zone and other zones dry

now.. sensitive skin can be any of the above but when it’s allergic to anything & everything causing rashes, itchiness, redness, breakouts etc.,

trust me we are all mostly born with normal healthy skin.

and we become these skin types & then we work towards & aim to get back to normal healthy skin.

hmm.. ok..  i am sure you know that skin is constantly renewing itself every 40 days, so our skin type changes several times for umpteen zillion reason. why do we have dry hands – so many reasons can be there.. one simple thing - the harsh detergents in utensil washing liquid or sythetics loaded hand washes could be causing dry skin on the hands.

and hence we need hand creams. ok, but the point to be understood is our skin type is not fixed all the time it reflects the state the skin is in at that present moment. and that state is again defined majorly by what we eat, what we use & our internal health, our environment, climate, etc.,

basically there should be only 1 skin type – healthy.

healthy skin should be our only motive.not dry, not oily, not sensitive, not combination. we should not be in any of these types

if your skin is falling into any type, then it clearly means that skin needs some help and is not being given what it needs to maintain its state of health.

and now how about the products that are created for specific skin types. this is the important information i want to tell you.

my 89 yr old mentor - ( who passed away recently ) used to tell me that if i am creating products with 100% natural ingredients, i don’t have to be bothered about any skin type. he taught me how most ingredients will be suitable for all skins and how those can make the skin healthy. 

so, now you know why we say most of our products suit all skin types.. and even when we suggest products & when you use them.. ultimately the objective is to make your skin healthy

please don’t rub in ingredients and products you don’t know much about. skin is organ. it’s important to maintain it healthy to maintain our internal health too. i might sound exaggerating.. will we apply a coat of silicone serum that keeps our hair frizz free to our liver or heart. – definitely not. then why apply it on hair?

ok.. i can hear some asking me does all the serum get into my blood stream.. not everything. i agree. but, then it’s the same way we expect our hair also to grow when we apply oil. so, i really don’t know exactly how much serum or oil is going to your blood stream thru skin… but one thing we both can agree is that, yes, there’s impact of the products that we apply on skin right? so, my request is to be mindful on what you send thru your skin & hair. that’s all.

let’s work towards making our skin type healthy. 1 step a day, we can reach there for sure. once we know our destination – the journey can be well planned & travelled and i am with you in this journey

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

sarve jana sukhino bhavantu 

 -krithika prasad

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