#allnatural lifestyle changes life. know my story here.

the pic in the blog image (me, my sis, my girls) is from the recent get-together we had at home. i couldn’t stop sharing this pic.that photo is not even color corrected or touched. it's straight from a decent good SLR. when we were looking at all our pics, we discussed how our lives have changed after taking up #allnatural lifestyle. we realized and spoke so much about the fact that all 4 of us were so comfortable, bright, shiny and happy just after a face wash, kajal & lipstick. yes, even for the get-together. i’m really glad & happy & slightly proud that my teenagers also got glued to this #allnatural lifestyle.

it all started simple. just me and my sis. but now, you dear friends have made it such a beautiful big community. feeling very humbled. this #nosoapchallenge, #noshampoochallenge, #notoothpastechallege journey has given me a fulfilling life. add #nostickerbindichallenge that i have taken personally. ahh.. how serene. so contented. so happy. feeling so much gratitude for everything & everyone.

whether it’s religious function to attend or fun get together with friends, getting ready is only about choosing a dress. then kumkuma, kajal & lipstick. that’s it.  we are ready for everything. it’s that simple. that quick. that easy to get ready.

ok, you should know this. honestly, we are very normal people. we don’t have any extra-ordinary skin and hair. all was well till our body care routine was my mom’s responsibility which she pampered with oils & ubtans.

ah... once it came to us to maintain, we did all the damage we could do. we go thru all typical skin & hair problems. after all this, we used to wonder how some people have such awesome hair & skin. i have gone bonkers in the streets of paris and tokyo loading up all brands that potentially can give good skin. yes, they did good temporarily. but, who wants any temporary?

finally realized nothing is gonna happen overnight or with quick fixes.  understood that there’s so much behind good skin & hair – dna, hereditary, climate, relationships, food habits, stress, proper routines and more…

you know it.. we started kalyashastra as awareness campaign page on insta & then started with just 1 product ‘gaura’. and today we have this amazing set of products, everything inspired by nature with aggressive passion to stay away from anything synthetic. every product and routine is to take a step closer to nature that does good for internal health too.

even with any number of products, trust me kalyashastra can never be a beauty brand. all i try is to bring awareness & natural products that we indians had been using for long. my forever question and search is that what did our ancestors do right that they didn’t need so many dentists, dermatologists & trichologists? how did my ajji and thaatha had such bright, supple skin? and i am looking at my crow feet and puffed eyes? no.. this is not acceptable.

 universe conspired. i had blessed opportunities to learn basics, explore so much. and realized the 1st step is very simple - disciplined traditional body care routines with gentle natural products that are to be done mindfully.

i somehow felt like a milestone with this photo on the blog image. i truly believe the  #allnatural path is right. how am i telling this? i haven’t done a bleach or facial in the last 6-7 years, i haven’t done a pedicure or a manicure in the last 6-7 years. i haven’t had any hair treatment or spa in the last 6-7 yrs. not just me. my sis & my kids are also in the same path. nice. isn’t it? if i can persuade my lifelines - my kids to live this lifestyle, i can motivate you too.. right? shall i? :)

with #allnatural lifestyle, you will not have even the basic need to go to parlor to take care of your skin.. you will not want to look at different foundations or primers or any concealers. with natural products, routine & mindfulness, you will clearly understand the reason for every acne or boil or a dark spot or hair fall or dandruff. once you know the reason, why hide it? you will only look to heal & retrieve the natural you. beautiful you.

i must tell you, in this journey, i realized, i can’t become any other person whoever it may be.. however good they may be. i can only see the potential what i could become by observing others & learning from others. this applies to the good skin & hair too. bottomline. i can only be me. i can apply those observations & learnings & make a better me. but, even that is possible only if i first know me, i understand me & i accept me. once this is done, i can see where i am weak & work on me to be better. so, after this exercise also, i will be only me. probably a better me. i can never be anyone else, which is not possible too. this clarity was super important and critical.

yes, before this clarity, i tried to be literally like many people who i thought were looking good, amazing, successful, fantastic. in this pursuit of becoming someone, i lost me. the lost me wasn’t pleasant. the days of lost me was punishment.

but, once i had this clarity of being me, things were different. however, i have to credit my today’s happiness to the simple routine i stuck to - #nosoapchallenge. and then came other #allnatural lifestyle challenges. these simple body care routines had huge impact in all spheres of my life. this is just a beginning. i have started this journey of knowing, understanding & accepting me. it’s worth the efforts that helps me find me.

so, i am a practical proof if a simple #nosoapchallenge can change your life for better. not just skin deep. but at a very deeprooted level.

when you found something good, you want your friends & family too to enjoy the goodness & hence kalyashastra. i really want you to be happy with you, your skin & hair

let’s be mindful, respect & love our skin.

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

-krithika prasad

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