online soapmaking class. have you also taken this class?

soaps are everywhere. in all sizes, shapes, colors & fragrances. it’s so easy. it cleanses well. it’s available everywhere. and we here are talking about you not using soaps & moving to traditional powder cleansers & ubtans.

how crazy could we be? asking to move away from soaps?  most of us have used soaps from day1 of our birth. we have seen stars using it & telling us that’s the secret of their beauty and success too.. and soaps make us cuddly cuddly. soaps are available for all. from simple ones to luxury.. from just cleansing to get you job, acting career, topping class toooo

and, here we are asking you to move away from soaps and shampoos and toothpastes. ha ha.. there are some who have told me straight that these challenges are our marketing technique, then they must also know some basics of business in this industry. tell me… how can any business in skin & hair care thrive in this industry without soaps & shampoos. in skin & hair care, soaps & shampoos add upto the topline revenue. to scale up & to sustain, every brand will have soaps & shampoos. why not? literally everyone gets swayed towards soaps & shampoo because of their shape, color, texture & fragrance of the soaps & its convenience. so, it’s so obvious for every brand to have soaps & shampoos though they might have other natural products in their catalogue.

i really want to feed, cleanse, nourish & protect our skin with our traditional ingredients. i started this #allnatural journey with me, my family which now includes you. anyways, let’s keep this discussion in detail for another article.

you know this. i am not against soaps or soapmakers. my point is we don’t need it. we can use natural ingredients that can cleanse and at the same time do good for internal health & water that goes out of our bathroom too is clean & healthy for our gardens

there’s always questions that comes to me asking about the handmade artisan soaps…

thanks to the corona period online classes that have made homemade & handmade soaps very popular. and the recipe of these handmade soaps makes it so simple. they talk more about only adding colors & fragrance and simple hot & cold process.

usually these home made soaps have slabs of melt and pour soap, then fragrance oils, liquid soap dyes.  and, it’s so simple to make them. because it’s so simple that with double boiling method the soap slabs are melted, fragrance & color added, it looks so natural & safe.

so, here it’s important to understand what is melt and pour soap. melt and pour soap is a ready-made soap base the base is produced through the “saponification” process, which involves mixing fats and an alkali which is lye.

so, instead of going thru the tough process of adding lye in making the soap from scratch, these melt & pour soap slabs are very helpful.

again, like i have already mentioned in my earlier posts, i am not getting into the discussion of soaps being safe and fantastic after the 4 week curing process as they get converted to salts.

i am here explaining the behind of soapmaking. the lye is already incorporated in the melt & pour soap slabs.

usually the melt & pour soaps have -  lye, glycerin, propylene glycol, sodium stearate, sodium laureth sulfate, sorbital, coconut oil, sodium myristate, triethanolamine, sodium laurate, sodium cocoate, purified water, titanium dioxide, dmdm hydantoin, milk powders, etc., few of these ingredients will be added or removed if the base is clear, opaque or milk based. the melt and pour slabs that don’t use lye rely upon synthetic detergents, such as sodium laureth sulfate. so basically melt & pour are detergents, surfactants, humectants, cleansing agents, preservatives, etc.,

so, just because soaps are so easy to make at home, don’t think it is all natural. okay.. leaving you with few questions that you need to find answer..

60-70yrs back, it was just oils, natural leaves, roots, flowers that we used for our skin & hair cleansing routines. we never had soaps too.. we didn't have these many skin doctors too.. isn't this telling us something?

okay.. if you have been to beauty parlors or spa for a nice relaxing facial or body massages, the beauticians mention at the end of the facial not to use soaps or face washes that whole day.. sometimes they suggest not to use anything synthetic for few days..why is that? what do you think is the reason behind it?

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catch you soon again

wishing you health & happiness in abundance

- krithika

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Thank you for sharing such a valuable information. :)
#allnatural is a way forward !

Riya December 27, 2020

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