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gingivitis & gum receding – can oil pulling help??

  • gums that are very soft
  • gums that bleeds easily at the touch of finger, brush or any hard eatables,
  • swollen gums,
  • bright red or purple gums,
  • bad breath,
  • kind of tightness or stress in your teeth and gums

 if you have experienced any of these, on priority, you need to work on improving your oral

oral health is very very critical. our digestion starts in the mouth. and if you cant chew properly or if there’s always a stress in your mouth, this will impact your overall health. you might have constipation or indigestion problems & trust me, you will not relate it with your oral health. but that’ll be the triggering point.

it’s good not to have such symptoms of gingivitis, but when this has happened, what do we do??

  • ensure to brush twice a day. Before sleeping & once you wake up
  • use tooth powder ( both danta druda – astringent & salt are perfect to use alternatively )
  • use a very soft bristled brush & also massage gums with your fingers everytime you brush
  • do oil pulling with sesame oil for atleast once for 10 minutes everyday
  • scrape your tongue
  • be mindful & conscious
  • ensure to chew the food till they become bolus with the help of your saliva
  • gargle or water floss after every meal or everytime you eat something to ensure there are no debris stuck in your mouth
  • avoid synthetics or harsh chemicals in your daily oral care routine.

don’t miss the oil pulling part. this has potential even to reverse receding gums.

keep this routine regular. in just a week or two, you will find a huge relief & good change in your oral health. and here’s the thing. just because you are back with good oral health, don’t discontinue this good oral care routine.

this oral care routine is preventive lifestyle. it’s better to invest time & effort in our daily regular routines than spending time and money in the dentist clinics.

Incase you want to know how to do oil pulling…

Pl know, oil pulling is not rocket science. But it can do wonders like rocket science. It just needs trust, mindfulness, discipline & persistence

Step 1 - Measure approx. 1 or 1.5 table spoon of oil -  sesame oil is the best or any oral care specific medicated oil – yes we are working on an oil that’s based on sesame oil with herbs for quick treatment for gums

Step 2 - Swish it around in your mouth atleast 10 minutes -  ideally swishing for 15–20 minutes is beneficial – am suggesting 10 mins. Logic of Something is better than nothing

CAUTION – pl be very careful not to swallow of the liquid while you are swishing. Oil pulling not just helps treat your gum, but also brings out all the toxins from your body. So pl don’t swallow even a single drop of the liquid while swishing

 Step 3 – once swishing is done for 10 minutes, Spit the oil carefully in the sink. Pl don’t spit on plants or trees. The toxins might cripple or kill the plant.

 Step 4 - Rinse your mouth very well using cold or warm water before eating or drinking anything.

Ancient practice is to oil pull before brushing. but, it's ok to do oil pulling before or after brushing. but, pl oil pull. keep your oral health happy

wishing you health & happiness in abundance


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