does the water you consume - doing good for you? is it supporting you to live full?

water - in our daily lives, we use it, respect it, pray to it and we know the importance of consuming clean – pure water.

and, we are well aware of the quote – water is life. but, somehow, we are never explained why and how water is life to us. water is the most consumed and least understood.

 in our educational systems, we are taught water is h2o, it has 3 states and its physical & chemical properties. and in practical life, we learn that we need to drink water frequently to keep us hydrated.

 it’s sad but true that we are not taught or triggered to know that water has non-linear properties and their crucial significance in our overall cell health and overall health.

 i do often come across people getting surprised and shocked when they learn from us that water itself needs to have life energy if water has to provide us energy for our human lives to thrive.

 at jiva water, the focus is on tracing the rough journey of water from its source to our homes, bottles, and glasses and how the rough journey is depleting the life energy in water.

krishna madappa from jiva water has measured life energy in water from various natural sources and at all stages of water’s journey and he has also measured at different homes and spaces where the water is clean and consumable.

 the life energy levels are super high at source and gets critically low when we consume. it’s clean water, but without life energy.

 depleting energy levels at every stage far from natural sources from dr. krishna’s studies are great learning how we are consuming water that’s clean but without sufficient life energy in it.

 all ancient vedas and upanishads have mentioned the significance of water, their life energy and more on the water’s importance in our lives. here, let’s learn a little from “mantra pushpam”. we often quote this verse 

योऽपामायतनं वेद आयतनवान् भवति ||

yopamayatanam veda, ayatanam bhavati

 he who knows the source of water, becomes established in his self.

 this line from "mantra pushpam" is from krishna yajurveda.

 "mantra pushpam" explains the significance of water as universal truth and the interconnectedness of all life. it shows that water is the source of all life and is intrinsically linked to the divine.

 here is the overall understanding of "mantra pushpam":

  1. water as the source: all living beings originate from water, and water is the ultimate source of life.
  2. interconnectedness: everything in the universe is interconnected, and nothing exists in isolation. the same water flows through all living beings, regardless of their species or form.
  3. cycle of life: water is the source of creation, preservation, and destruction. it represents the cyclical nature of life, where everything undergoes a continuous cycle of birth, existence, and dissolution.

overall, "mantra pushpam" helps us see the divine in all aspects of life, including the simple and essential element of water, and to cultivate a sense of interconnectedness, humility, and spiritual awareness.

 while the water at the source is full of life and becomes the source of our lives, the journey depletes the life energy in it. if there’s a way to restore life energy, what are we waiting for.

 this is exactly the reason why kalya shastra partnered with jiva water to provide you access to water that’s full of life.


jiva water devices are water energizers. these devices restores life energy instantly.


all you need to do is pass the clean water through the device. whether you are drinking filtered water or bottled water, pass it through the device before you drink. carry the device everywhere or carry a reusable bottle of water that’s passed through jiva water device. consider this effort as investment for you. your health. your family.

it’s the last-mile device and becomes the foundation for your overall health. good skin & hair are just good side effects when you start consuming jiva water regularly & make it part of your kalya shastra mindful lifestyle.

our body is 70% water. if that 70% of water is full of life, it’s obvious you will be full of life!

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- Written by Krithika Prasad

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