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i have stopped hair coloring. i am going through grey transition. around 4-5 inches of hair is now grey.. crossing the black & grey banding stage of transition. definitely, grey transition is easier said than done. the looks people give you when at work, malls, parks, workout places, omg.. couldn’t stop telling people – don’t worry, it’s just hair in grey.. it’s not going blast. chill please… probably it’ll take another 4-5 months to go full grey.. at that time, i shall share my detailed journey here.


okay.. why did i even stop hair coloring. hmm.. what to tell you? last 4 years, we have been trying to formulate a natural hair color, which is very safe that i can confidently color myself or recommend to my sister, daughter, family and friends  i have tried zillion formulations, methods. each failed in some or other parameters. honestly, i was tired. i really gave up 3 months back & decided to go grey. see what universe did? 2 formulations came out successful after i strongly decided never to color my hair again. i believe that was universe’s ask & gift for the search for solution & personal will power. i am peaceful with grey transition.


we at kalya shastra is so happy there are so many young men & women who would benefit out of this natural hair color mask. it’s really superb. that rich natural dark brown is beautiful & hair becomes much softer & manageable. main thing – no fear. no guilt to color hair.


okay.. i learnt so much about hair while trying to formulate hair color. sharing something very simple for you to understand


our hair is incredibly diverse. along with the face shape, it is one of the ways in which we identify each other. the hair’s breadth can range from about 0.2mm to 0.02 mm.


we know, right? hair grows from the hair follicles. these hair follicles have pigment cells that make two types of melanin, the chemicals that gives hair its color.


so, human hair color is controlled by these two types of melanin. the two types of melanin are


  1. eumelanin
  2. pheomelanin


black hair majorly contains eumelanin.

blonde hair contains both melanins, but only in smaller quantities.

brown hair is a mix of both melanins in large quantities.


when pigment cells start to age, they stop making the color pigments. without pigment, new hair strands grow in lighter and take on various shades of gray, silver, and eventually white.


grey hair appears as the melanins begin to disappear.

white hair has no melanin at all.


why does these pigment cells age? there can be million reasons. natural biological age, hereditary, food we eat, the water we drink, the environment, the synthetic hair care products we use, harsh chemicals we are exposed to, the ac spaces, stress, tension, anxiety, gut health issues, the list can go on and on…


if you want to retain black or brown hair forever, overall well-being is needed. there are no short cuts. not just isolated hair care. yes, good hair care routines and products like our kalya shastra hair care products are natural and gentle on hair and hence can be of immense help but honestly they cannot take away other zillion lifestyle reasons. good products can delay but if you need to avoid – mindful natural living is the only way forward


moral of the story – if you decide to gracefully go grey. you should. don’t worry about people’s look or comment or judgement. enough of us changing for other’s comments. do what you are comfortable with. 


but, if you decide you want to flaunt darker shades, choose safer coloring optins. kalyashastra kaala, natural hair color that’s easy to apply, will keep your hair darker for 2 weeks minimum. it’s more like a mask that colors hair

the ingredients of kaala might look so simple, but the process & methods is what makes it so special & effective. all said and done, pl do a test patch before you apply it all over your hair. even though natural, it’s better to test it before. and yes, while it colors hair, it also nurtures and pampers your hair. so enjoy without any side effect fear. 


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